Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Defense of Spanking Being Bad Assed:

In talking to other people in the scene, I am gleaning that it is generally assumed that spanking is a "soft" art, or in other words, that we're considered wussies!?

I am flabbergasted by this, and will have you know that I have made people scream from spanking, okay? I have made people cry, I have made them bleed, and I have made them jump up and rub their bottoms and beg me to stop...

Look- we don't need any fancy equipment. There is no middleman. It's just me, you, and the anguishing force of my fleshy palm! Because it's so basic, I believe it can be more intimate than any other mode of punishment. There are no braided leather nine-tailed spikes, but it does require a certain level of skill in terms of how your hand is wielded. Perhaps because it's so deceptively simple, Spankers often misjudge their technique. That's what gets me, because spanking is so much more complicated than a simple slap on the ass! An open-handed slap, as opposed to a cupped-hand can make all the difference in the world. Not to mention the area of the buttocks and upper thighs that you touch. Many people don't know that you must rub the area not only to warm it up and keep it going, but also to give the Spankee a false sense of security, as half the fun is "tapping that ass" when it is least expected.

It is also fun to tickle certain sensitive places with fingers, but I digress...

With spanking, you feel discomfort from administering discomfort- so, in a sense, you are going through the same thing the sub is going through, but you are doing it to give them more pain. What could be more sadistic than that? To experience pain yourself so that you can keep delivering more pain? That is sick! We are so twisted!

Not only do you develop a complementary relationship with the discomfort, but you feel the energetic reverberations of the other person's pain, because it's all right there in your hand. It's like a pebble dropped in the water- you feel the other person's reaction, and can have empathy and sense their boundaries much better, IMO. There is also the warmth of the ass, and sometimes a barely perceptible vibration.

Although I very much enjoy flogging, caning, and the like- there is something about using implements that can make one feel quite detached from what the subject is experiencing. But then, perhaps, that is what some masochists desire.

I have also made my fingers black and blue, but this is beside the point.

In closing, I would just like to say: Spanking is hard core, bitches!! Stick that in your latex cat suit and smoke it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Taking The Pledge...

Please watch this when you have a private moment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stop Wearing Pink!!

Guys, just stop it, already. It's not cool, it's not ironic, you're not challenging gender stereotypes- you just look like an asshole. Oh, extra asshole points for wearing a turned-up collar.

Want to do something unexpected? Wear a sequined tube top.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More busts in NYC...

Prostitution may be well on it's way to becoming decriminalized in San Francisco, but in NYC, things keep getting more absurd.
Not only has the "Scores" Midtown location been shut down (allegedly due to prostitution), but now more strip clubs are coming under fire, as here:

Wow, so glad that my tax money is going toward something worth while, re: disrupting erotic services contracts between consensual adults!!

Oh, and the cops will bust your grandma for being a prostitute, too:

So- make sure she doesn't look too suspicious while walking to the hospital, okay?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Damn it, you mean you WON'T suck my dirty jock clean???

I was in Leather Man yesterday, with my friend D buying butt plugs, and was given a little list of "hanky codes" by one of the salesmen, when he noticed our curiosity over their vast bandana selection. This only increased my own befuddlement, as the list is so particular, especially in regards to the impossibly subtle shades of color it refers to. Do YOU know the difference between robin's egg blue and light blue? Me neither!!! Maybe I'm not as gay as I thought! What if you are color blind? Does that mean that you could mistake a fist fucker for a rent boy? How embarrassing! It's dark inside those clubs! What if you mistake mauve for magenta? You think you're going to get a good pit-sucking, and you end up with a navel-licker. What gives?

If anyone can explain to me why it would be important to signify that you smoke cigars, do tell. I am hoping it is a clever euphemism for a sex act I've never heard of, but I doubt it.

BLACK heavy SM top heavy SM bottom
GREY bondage top fit to be tied!
BLUE, Light wants head cocksucker
BLUE, Robin's Egg 69er anything but 69ing
BLUE, Medium cop copsucker
BLUE, Navy fucker (top) fuckee (bottom)
BLUE, Airforce pilot/flight attendant likes flyboys
BLUE, Light w/WHITE Stripe sailor lookin' for salty seamen
BLUE, Teal cock & ball torturer cock & ball torturee
RED fist fucker fist fuckee
MAROON cuts bleeds
RED, Dark 2-handed fister 2-handed fistee
PINK, Light dildo fucker dildo fuckee
PINK, Dark tit torturer tit torturee
MAUVE into navel worshippers has a navel fetish
MAGENTA suck my pits armpit freak
PURPLE piercer piercee
LAVENDER likes drag queens drag queen
YELLOW pisser/WS piss freak
YELLOW, Pale spits drool crazy
MUSTARD hung 8"+ wants 8"+
GOLD two looking for one one looking for two
ORANGE anything anytime nothing now (just cruising)
APRICOT two tons o' fun chubby chaser
CORAL suck my toes shrimper (sucks toes)
RUST a cowboy a cowboy's horse
FUSCHIA spanker spankee
GREEN, Kelly hustler (for rent) john (looking to buy)
GREEN, Hunter daddy orphan boy looking for daddy
OLIVE DRAB military top military bottom
GREEN, Lime dines off tricks (food) dinner plate (will buy dinner)
BEIGE rimmer rimmee
BROWN scat top scat bottom
BROWN LACE uncut likes uncut
BROWN SATIN cut likes cut
CHARCOAL latex fetish top latex fetish bottom
GREY FLANNEL owns a suit likes men in suits
WHITE beat my meat (J/O) I'll do us both (J/O)
HOLSTEIN milker milkee
CREAM cums in condoms sucks cum out of condoms
BLACK w/WHITE Check safe sex top safe sex bottom
RED w/WHITE Stripe shaver shavee
RED w/BLACK Stripe furry bear likes bears
WHITE LACE likes white bottoms likes white tops
BLACK w/WHITE Stripe likes black bottoms likes black tops
BROWN w/WHITE Stripe likes latino bottoms likes latino tops
YELLOW w/WHITE Stripe likes asian bottoms likes asian tops
BLUE, Light w/WHITE Dots likes white suckers likes to suck whites
BLUE, Light w/BLACK Dots likes black suckers likes to suck blacks
BLUE, Light w/BROWN Dots likes latino suckers likes to suck latinos
BLUE, Light w/YELLOW Dots likes asian suckers likes to suck asians
RED/WHITE GINGHAM park sex top park sex bottom
BROWN CORDUROY headmaster student
PAISLEY wears boxer shorts likes boxer shorts
FUR bestialist top bestialist bottom
GOLD LAME likes muscleboy bottoms likes muscleboy tops
SILVER LAME starfucker celebrity
BLACK VELVET has/takes videos will perform for the camera
WHITE VELVET voyeur (likes to watch) will put on a show
LEOPARD has tattoos likes tattoos
TAN smokes cigars likes cigars
TEDDY BEAR cuddler cuddlee
KEWPIE DOLL chicken (under-aged) chicken hawk (likes young adolescents)
DIRTY JOCKSTRAP wears a dirty jock sucks dirty jocks clean
DOILY tearoom top (pours) tearoom bottom (drinks)
MOSQUITO NETTING outdoor sex top outdoor sex bottom
ZIPLOC BAG has drugs looking for drugs
COCKTAIL NAPKIN bartender bar groupie
KLEENEX stinks sniffs
KEYS IN FRONT has a car looking for a ride
KEYS IN BACK has a home needs a place to stay
HOUNDSTOOTH likes to nibble willing to be bitten
UNION JACK skinhead top skinhead bottom
CALICO new in town tourists welcome
TERRYCLOTH bathhouse top bathhouse bottom
WHITE w/MULTICOLOR Dots hosting an orgy looking for an orgy

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kink is the new Gay

A slave made an observation to me that smokers are the last group of people that is still discriminated against. I was like, "Um... what do you think your boss would say if he watched you hanging upside down while two girls with boxing gloves punched your balls?" He was like, "Uhhh...."

Yeah, that's what I thought.

(This is one of my favorite rants, by the way)

We are all so imprisoned by shame over what we like, that it reminds me of where the gay rights movement was in like, 1990. No wait, scratch that- more like circa 1960 because we don't even have a movement. Or else, it is a small collection of people who conspire in basements, talking about which protest they should join that week. Who no one knows about. Do you know about them? No. Exactly. They advocate for your sexual freedom, but you still have no idea who they are. Cool. Not like you should. They are a community of fairly insular people who do this work in their spare time.

Since most people keep their kinkiness fairly discrete and out of their 'vanilla lives', there is no incentive to speak out. Perhaps not until the cops start raiding clubs or trying to shut them down, a la "Stonewall". Still, I feel this must be horribly isolating.

I'm not talking about wearing a pin saying how kinky you are, although the gay rights movement took that approach, I am just saying that it would be nice if people could be more open with their partners- even though that would probably put me out of a job, lol.

How many of you wish you could be completely open about your sexual preferences? Are you open with your significant other? Why? Why not? Is it an important topic for you, or do you prefer to keep your kinks discrete? Do you feel like if you came out to your partner, that they would find you depraved or maybe even sick?

I contend that the repression of these desires (ones which are paraphilic, but in essence, not hurtful toward another party) is psychically detrimental. Acting on these desires, one experiences a sense of catharsis similar to what one gets from going to a good psychologist. I hate to use the word, "therapy", but there are many similarities. In a good session, where one may "be themselves", the subject acts out scenes, or experiences pain which a part of them desires. It is the same principle behind art therapy, or Jungian hypnosis- to let your inexplicable feelings, thoughts, etc express themselves openly in a safe environment. There is a sense of freedom that comes from this, perhaps because there is something in your mind telling you that you must do this in order to heal. Not saying that kinkiness is the result of some childhood trauma. Perhaps it is a reaction to the trauma some people experience on a daily basis, the reasons behind it may be myriad. However, speaking from experience, there is a healing aspect to it, which I think is largely ignored or denied inside and outside of the community.

Would your partner want to deprive you of going to your therapist? Is it that simple? No. But neither is feeling that there is something wrong with you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I think I have...

eaten all the corner stores near my house out of the good Haagen Dasz flavors. Please, bodega man, don't make me eat Ben n Jerry's!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

If people knew what I did alone in my apartment...

Often I catch myself doing things when I'm alone that I would not do in mixed company. Or in any company, for that matter.

Singing at the top of my lungs to Mary J. Blige, white-girl dancing to hip hop and rapping (I imagine I am a "fly girl"), having long, drawn-out conversations with my cats that mostly involve trying to get them to sit on my lap, rocking OUT to Guns N Roses, talking to my plants...

Does anyone else catch themselves humming the ice cream truck ditty? It's like, the most annoying song in the world, but I'll be washing my dishes and start singing it. Perhaps other people don't have quite the industrious ice cream truck drivers that I do, roaming the streets in droves, it seems like.

Hope everyone is well. Please feel free to leave a comment- I haven't had one in a while, so am feeling somewhat like I am talking to myself in my apartment...