Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pride pics n more!

Pride was great this weekend, FYI. Got to see many many cute bottoms in tight panties, took pictures and danced with many drag queens, and had an all-out fun fest. It rained, but we danced anyway, and there was much faggotry to go around. I got some great video of teen queens "voguing" but think the highlight was witnessing one drag queen yelling at another, "You betta put some pants on, girl! Don't go out with out ya pants, we all know what happened last time!" That, and the GO! float was accosted by some overly rambunctious boys in panties who grabbed onto the sides and starting humping the air at us. Fun times!!


So psyched about Gay Pride this weekend!

Men in leather thongs, women on Harley's, glitter, and drag queens, oh my!!

I will be marching with GO! Magazine, so be sure to throw a kiss if you're there.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You're Just Not That Important

I'm sorry, but you're not.

A final word on the Cat O Nine Party:

I need to rant about the assholery that abounded on Max Fisch about our intentions and our supposed self-promotion. Not to mention the inquiries about where the money was "really" going, and the long arduous posts about undercovers showing up in order to glean the identities of all the local perverts.

First of all, I wanna say, "Wha wha what?" Do you really think the cops don't know that Rapture makes most of their money fucking people in the ass- oh, I'm sorry- with "prostate massage"? If you are that paranoid about having your identity revealed, why come out of your collective hovels at all? Sit at home and drink forties while watching German latex gerbil porn or something. Or wear a mask. Why are you even posting on Max Fisch? Don't you know the cops can trace your IP address off of that too? Oh, snap!

You are a douche if you don't think the cops are going to find out whatever they want to no matter how underground you think you are. They have access to all the sites and forums you have access to. They are not stupid. But they do pick their battles. Why they chose the HC? I have no idea. But it probably has more to do with their own self-promotion than it does with being earnestly concerned with whether you like a dildo up your ass or not. I'm sorry, but you're just not that important.

Second of all, how dare you motherfuckers have the audacity to imply that we would want to a) get financial gain out of this, or b) gain exposure. I'll tell you something, $2600 is really not that much money, and secondly, these women are my friends. In some cases, they are my very good friends. So shame on you assholes who are pedantic and petty enough to suggest otherwise. It makes me sick that anyone would suggest that in the least. Especially since a lot of the people who were arrested would not have had the foggiest idea what to do unless certain parties had offered them advice.

As I've stated before, if you really believe in being a pervert, then step up to the plate and show your ass. This event wasn't only about the girls, but a symbolic gesture that we are a community, and we are not going to let the cops or anyone else exploit our predilictions for political gain.

I am really tired of all the virulent negativity. I understand why you would want to be cautious with your identity, but going crazy over a little event like this that was for a good cause, where you could actually show some solidarity instead of just forking money over to a party promoter, is kind of fucked up.

I really hope that some people could learn to get a god damned life instead of trivializing over an event that's intention was to bring people together to feel like there's some meaning in all this, as opposed to being part of a vapid social club.

(Now I throw the mic on the floor and stomp off the stage)

Thank you, you're a beautiful audience. Cadillacs all around!

P.S. Apologies to all those who came up to me at the party who said they enjoy my blog. I really appreciated it, although I didn't really have enough time to say so. Again, you are awesome, and thanks a lot.
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