Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I can dress scary any day of the week...

But it's never as fun as doing it on Halloween!   

Halloween is my favorite day. And my SUPER DUPER FAVORITE thing to do is go to a haunted house. Going upstate to look at the foliage is pretty terrific as well.

There is a new haunted house "experience" that I suppose is really difficult to get tickets for.  I totally turn into the asshole who chases after the newest, trendiest "happening" when it comes to haunted houses.

Here is the ad (more like a movie trailer):


If you don't want to go for the jump, this is the list of things you have to agree to:

You must be at least 18 years of age.
Stay on the marked path at all times.
You will be prompted to do certain actions. Please do exactly as you’re told. This is for your safety.
There is absolutely no speaking allowed inside. You can, however, scream as loud as you’d like.
Do not ever touch the actors.
Do not ever touch the walls.
You must wear a protective mask and carry a flashlight at all times. (We will provide both of these items for you. Please do not bring your own.)

A PROTECTIVE MASK?  WHAT??  That is the best thing I've ever heard!  The most horrifying thing to me though is that you have to go through the maze alone.  My only saving grace when walking though a haunted house is that I get to hide behind the person I'm with and shove them in the way of the monsters!  I'd totally be screwed. 
Ah well, if anyone goes, let me know how you like it!  Or better yet, score some tickets and take me!

In the meantime, here is Stefon dishing on the hottest Halloween "happenings" in NYC: