Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeling the love... and zombies!

The Violent Fems party went off without a hitch. If you have a Fetlife account, you can read some of our glowing reviews here: Gee, you must really like us if some of you forewent the free BBQ at Suspension for this! Well, it doesn't surprise me really, because where else are you going to find surprise attacks masterminded by a group of hot fucking raucous sadistic bitches such as us?

On another note, thank you Tony, for the song. The words are, in English (I don't break bones by the way, let's be clear about that. Unless we're in a street fight!):

With her fist she
breaks your face
and your bones
but then she smiles
and melts you on the spot
in our gang we call her
Bossa Nostra
half Julia Roberts
half Bruce Lee
V, you're beautiful
nasty, sweet,splendid
V, our Bossa is
hard and she knows
if you want you can
only ask her: Mercy!

That was so cute I just had to share it. Gee, I'm getting all verklempt. Guess I should watch the new Walking Dead Trailer to snap me out of it!


Friday, July 15, 2011



If you're a submissive man and you have never heard of this party, then we pity you. We pity you anyway, and we pity you again if you decide to come, because you're in for a wild treat.

We are the Violent Fems, the girl gang that will find you in an alleyway, bust you up, and bust your cherry. Then we'll bust anything else you happen to have still in tact. We're that voracious for boy-pain.

Read more about us here:

Read our blog here:


$10 if you'd like to quietly observe and wish you were the pathetic nancy boys whining in pain. You can come to the party at any point from 7pm to 11pm, be warned you might miss the fun if you're too late.


$50 if you'd like to be an "attackee". This means you meet with a Fem in person at least a week before the party to discuss your interests, experience, and limits. If they coincide with ours, then you will be put on the V.I.P. list to be taunted, poked, laughed at, or lashed to the Fems liking.

Please email me, aka Da Kingpin for more details or to make an appointment to play at

There will be a raffle, prizes (smelly socks, anyone?), and a chance to win a discounted session with a Fem! It's always a good time, and always held at our "Lair", BillyMark's West, in NYC.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still more pictures??

Yes, it's true! Enjoy!

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