Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Thirstiest, Most Insatiable Piss Slave...

I've been seeing a slave since April who seems to have a bottomless thirst for piss.  No matter how much I produce for him, or how often I do it to him, his constant need for it both astonishes me and endears.  It is almost as if it is giving him life...  feeding him in some way...  I have found myself bottling it up and saving it for him, just so I can pour it lovingly all over his body and into his hungry holes.  Almost every time I see him, he gives me the most gorgeous flowers.  I think I'm falling in love!

I took some sexy pictures and posted them below for all my little pee-pee voyeurs:

The delivery device!
The bottle, prepared just for him.

Frederick!  My one truest, most insatiable piss boy!

Fledgling little peons.


Well sorry to disappoint (not really), but if you want a great piss fantasy, you can come see me in person.   The pictures are real, however, so that bottle is actually filled with my pee.  Urea contains nitrogen, which plants love.  I have been using it in my garden, and as you can see, the results have been quite successful.


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