Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is why.

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding my interests and why I don't itemize them on my website.  First of all, there are way too many things to list and I think it is a bit ridiculous to write everything out.   Also, in all honesty, it's not really about whether I get to tie someone down and whip them, or whether I get to electrify their balls, but more about the interaction itself. Whipping someone can be incredibly boring if there's not any chemistry.  This is because it's an energetic response I'm looking for, and not simply the imposition of my will.  I mean, sure, there are some activities I enjoy more than others, and I get really excited over certain toys, but the thing that is so addictive to me (although I don't really like that word) is whether I feel like I am hitting a certain spot with a subject psychologically.  It requires a lot more focus, but yields a greater reward.

So, whenever someone asks me what my "specialty" is, or what I am known for, I don't ever really know what to say.  I don't want to be known as the person to go to for X.  There are certain things (such as whipping) that require a higher level of skill, sure.  But to me it is far more important to make you crumble.

And that's all you need to know.



Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best Conversation Part Two.

Like a bad joke that you never get tired of, here is yet another installment of what I'm going to call, "Thursdays with Mordi".


mordi:  Hey daddy

What's goin on?

Out in da catskills now

 Sent at 11:16 PM on Thursday


mordi:  Its no more miss its master lol

 Sent at 11:18 PM on Thursday

me:  oh you are just looking to get horny now, aren't you?

do you know that I got my vagina back today?

mordi:  Just discussed u with a friend

Cum of it?

me:  got tired of having that cock. couldn't keep it because was jerking off too much

mordi:  Ure kidding?

Wanted to come over with fay


me:  and have her suck my cock??

mordi:  Yes

me:  oh that's too bad

she'd have to settle for rubber

although i guess i could get it re-attached

mordi:  Did u really have one?

Are ure just pulling my leg?


me:  hahahaha!

i guess you'll never know.

 mordi:  I think I do:)


me:  you are too clever for words!

mordi:  When u told its 14

inches that's when I got suspicious

If u would say 8-9 would of made abit of sense

me:  Why would I lie to you?

Modern science is an awe-inspiring thing.

mordi:  I'm sooo happy now luvya baby

me:  you're da best.

mordi:  Just read recently on

news about da longest cock

Having problems when going through security

An his was just about 14 in

me:  I had a bf who was a bit over 12"

mordi:  So it didn't sound right in 1st place

me:  ive seen people with bigger, though

mordi:  Possible

me:  no, i can get any kind i want!

i look in the catalogue and they gave it to me, but it was too heavy.

 mordi:  No too many 14s around

Don need more then 9

me:  well, you're just not being ambitious enough

mordi:  Maybe thick but not longer

Well I'm realistic

Sent at 11:29 PM on Thursday

mordi:  Anyway nice talkin to u babe luvya gnite<3

 Sent at 11:35 PM on Thursday

Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Conversation Ever.

This is a gchat exchange I had with one of my former clients who's a little on the shall we say...  naive (?) side.  I absolutely despise gchatting, but thought I would have some fun.  "Me" is clearly Me.  Enjoy:

me: I got a sex change, didn't you hear???

mordi: No omg
Tell me about it please

me: Yeah, I have a huge dick now
all the way down my thight

mordi: Mean it??

me: thigh

mordi: Wow ure so brave

me: yes, i feel more whole as a person

mordi: Did ure voice change too?

me: yes, and I am growing a beard!

mordi: Don't do that

me: I have huge balls now too.

mordi: U look so beautiful
What could be better then a good looking woman with a big dick

me: yeah, but now i have a huge mandingo cock and swinging fucking hairy bowling balls between my thighs
gee, im not sure.

mordi: How big?

me: 14 inches
you can pick them out of a catalogue now

mordi: Oh my g-ddddd
Where do u hide it?

me: it was same day surgery too, in and out
Why would I want to hide it???

mordi: When was that?
When u go out-must be quite obvious
Wow now I understand y u were hooked up to those vids

me: It is very obvious, yes.
what vids? oh of gay cock sucking?

mordi: Somthing -- daddy
Those jail movies

me: Oh, SCUM. With Ray Winstone.

mordi: Yups

me: It's so big, I can suck it myself now
I can get the tip in my mouth

mordi: Wow wow
Real big
Getting me scared omg
Fucked already with it?

me: yeah, i made a bunch of guys choke on it in a big leather daddy circle jerk the other night

mordi: Gotto cum see u now
Didn't invite me

me: i know, right? I'm stroking it right now
I can hardly get my hand around it

mordi: Fucked any girls yet?

me: i have to use two hands!

mordi: Thick too?
No way

me: oh yes

mordi: When did u get it?

me: today!
no wait, a few days ago
i haven't slept because i've been jerking it constantly

mordi: Ure so strong wow
Real daddy now
How many times can u cum?

me: I'm unsure, but it's like a damned cum sprinkler

mordi: Now u gotto tell what's more pleasure to fuck? R getting fucked?

me: I am just enjoying cumming all over my room on every wall

mordi: Ure so horny mam wow
No mam anymore man lol

me: Yes, I'm just a big hunk of man meat.
Big Daddy Beefcake, that's what I make the circle jerk guys call me.
Down at Rawhide.

mordi: What do ure gfs say about it?

me: Have you ever been there?
My girlfriends don't know!
They are going to be shocked!!

mordi: Rawhide?

me: Yes, the gay bar.

mordi: Where's that?

me: In Chelsea, of course.

mordi: Na I'm not gay

me: Yeah, me neither.
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