Thursday, September 16, 2010

Triumph Deluxe!

As many of you know, the Violent Fems hosted the first Attack Party NYC has ever seen.  We were all super excited, because it marked the first time we would all play in one space, and was also the first party of it's kind.  After much organizing, it all went off without a hitch, and everyone had a deliciously wonderful time.  Everyone got to play and/or watch play, and BillyMark's West even asked to be our official Violent Fems headquarters!  The pictures above are the Kingpin and Hellcat, me with a shit-eating grin on my face, having beaten many boys, having satiated myself with kink, and having all the Fems sign my shirt for posterity.

We really tried to make the activities as "gang specific" as possible, so as there was certainly a "spirit" of fetish, most of the attacks were a creative collection of homemade implements and spontaneous inspiration.  For instance, one lucky attackee got a pillowcase thrown over his head and spun around until he felt very dizzy.  We then passed him back and forth for fun, pinching his thighs and squeezing his nipples until he fell down on the ground, then we punched and kicked him.  He of course is very into pain.

Another attendee was stepped on relentlessly by four of us, and then had vienna sausages stuffed in his face!  Another attackee had all of his clothes ripped off and was beaten mercilessly.  Mistress Wynter (aka Knuckles Galore) directed some of the victims to dance for all of us, and dubbed them the "Foxy Lady Dancers", after the Jimi Hendrix song that was playing.

Not all of the attacks were pain-specific.  One little victim was dressed in lingerie and gave us a lap dance.  He wore a wig, makeup, and a cute school girl skirt, and was happy to oblige when we directed him to gyrate provocatively.  We then tied her up, gagged her, and made her watch the festivities while prone to a chair.  Of course there was also a tight bondage victim, which we covered in saran wrap while tied to a chair.  There were canings, shoe beatings, dildo sucking, trampling, rolled-up newspaper beatings, sploshing, sissymaid service, and best of all- girl gang generated havoc. 

One of my favorite scenes was with a sissymaid who I made pick dropped pennies up off the floor.  The other Fems participated by slapping the coins out of his hand at random points during the evening.  He did not manage to find all of my coins (very naughty!) so got written on with lipstick, spanked mercilessly, and made to suck my cock.

We had a drink special, which was called "The Black Eye"- a combination of purple liquids, concocted by the bar owner.  The Knife went around spiking victims drinks with her "poison", ha ha!  The only thing I regret is that we didn't get to hit anyone with the oranges we had hidden in socks.  Swing those babies around, and Ouch!  Some nice pain, with very little bruising.

While most of the victims were slaves we have played with many times, the Fems are always looking for fresh meat.  I also want to emphasize that no victim is picked out and played with thoughtlessly.  This should go without saying, but all victims are thoroughly screened and communicated with regarding interests and limits.  Like any session, the Fems take into account the attackee's interests and reconcile them with their own.  There were 9 attackees in all, and many other observers.  It was  exhausting and exhilarating and satiating and entertaining all at once.  I expect the same with each subsequent party.