Sunday, January 31, 2010

This describes the majority of crossdressing fantasies...

“The people you are about to meet may shock you. They may frighten you. But we hope that by this factual exposition, we can broaden your view toward this kind of individual.” Yes, kiddies, there’s nothing that says you’ve stepped off the polite path of mainstream filmmaking better than plunging headfirst into the cult quicksand of transvestite cinema. And She-Man, a cross-dressing mini-classick subtitled A Story of Fixation, proudly belongs in every gender-bending library alongside Glen or Glenda, The Christine Jorgensen Story, Dinah East, and Let Me Die a Woman.
“File Number 713” is the story of Albert Rose (LESLIE MARLOW), an “aggressive, athletic, father-dominated, playboy-ish, affluent young man” who, by all outward appearances, is “a normal American male” -- until he puts on his first brassiere. Of course, getting him to put one on requires a wee bit of coercion, namely Dominita (DORIAN WAYNE), a scary dominatrix with a Big Surprise that should be obvious to any viewer with eyes. Miss Dominita has some phony evidence that Albert was a deserter during the Korean war and, despite the claim being bogus, Albert agrees to pay her price: $20,000 plus “a year of Albert’s life.” In servitude. As a maid. (Did somebody really say “factual exposition”?) Whisked to Dominita’s Florida home – where most of her also-blackmailed staff are women dressed as men – Albert is put into “The Transformation Room” where his face is painted, his body is padded, and a “woman” named Rose is born. All of which gets pretty funny pretty fast. To be blunt, Albert is one of the dowdiest, most unglamorous dolls ever in a dress. Think of your annoying Aunt Ethel or Big Martha down at the nail salon – that’s Albert in drag.
And, sure enough, the big lug likes it! He also falls in love with Ruth, Dominita’s lesbian secretary, who prefers him as a her. The two lovebirds eventually scheme against Dominita, dramatically reveal her hilarious (non)secret and... well... it all gets summed up by an unpleasant-looking doctor who seems to be on the verge of a stroke: “We can only hope that in time we can acquaint and educate ourselves to accept the afflictions of our fellow man in a compassionate and understanding way.” Ha!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Dagger Debs!



Sunday, January 24, 2010

Could It Really Be Possible??

Could Veronica's hilarity actually keep going, past this blog and beyond??

Why yes!  Yes, it can!

Read my interview with Ms Regan Black, where we talk about everything from strap-on play, to Captain Kirk, to Twilight (what would happen if a vampire bit a werewolf?), to our pseudo-intellectual thoughts on feminism!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bill Murray, is that you??

I have a client who won't talk to me.  He sends me presents but refuses to call me over the phone.  He lives in New York, but cannot come to see me in person.  He also cannot walk into Victoria's Secret to buy a pair of panties, and take a picture of his ass in them.  He's too nervous, he says.  Which is totally valid, and means absolutely nothing, except perhaps he is a bit of a novice, and possibly a bit paranoid.


I like to fantasize that it's Bill Murray, who is afraid that I would recognize his voice immediately if he ever were to call.  So he just has to keep sending me gifts and stifled emails in order to assuage his frustrated attentions.

Right??  Could be.  No?

Well, just in case it IS you, I can promise confidentiality, Girl Scouts honor.  We can even have a role play where I am possessed by Zuul, and seduce Venkman into succumbing to my demonic power!  Then we can both laugh, and eat candybars together in a pool-  whoops!  Mine dropped, ha ha!  See the fun we will have together?

I just had to put that out there.  Just in case.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't Call Me Mistress, Asshole

Sometimes I am struck when someone says to me, "The Mistress is supposed to tell me that." 

First of all, I'm not your fucking Mistress.

Second of all, I'm not supposed to do anything.  I do whatever the fuck I want, and if I decide that I want to play with someone, then they can call me Mistress.  

I'm the new moderator!!

Many of you might already be familiar with Irene Boss' chatboard, called "The Scene". It is similar to Max Fisch in it's organization, but much different in it's exclusivity. Normally, I'm not much one for screening undesirables (unless you ask to play with me) and enjoy the rather anarchical randomness of Max. However, "The Scene" is a much more lucid, friendly environment- as one needs a recommendation to belong there.

That said, I am now moderating the "Fem Dom Interviews" section, so huzzah for me!

If you would like to come over and join the fun (and I know you), send me an email, or post a comment below, and I will be happy to put in a good word for you.

Here's a link, if you'd like to check it out:

The Scene


Friday, January 8, 2010

Pleasure Pain vs. Comfort Pain

Not that they need to battle it out, or are necessarily independent of eachother, but the differences between these two BDSM outcomes I think become garbled in many people's minds. It is probably apparent intuitively, but to realize their difference I think is an epiphany, and can help one communicate better with one's dominant.

I define each type like this:

Pleasure: Sexual excitement or arousal resulting from pain

Comfort: Any positive, protective feeling one receives from taking punishment

As I said, I think the two can be experienced together, but the motivations are different.

It is interesting to think about what one's goals are when engaging in BDSM. You may have one goal in mind and get there repeatedly. You may have thought you had one goal, and then someone takes you on a completely different path, or elicits feelings or memories that you weren't aware existed.

This is an incomplete post, but I find this topic so fascinating that I had to write about it right away. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stereotypes and why I love/hate them...

There seems to be this image of a dominant woman as someone who is competitive, strong-willed, cut-throat, and well, mannish in her demeanor. I feel like this is the stereotypical image of a domme that we all adhere to, for lack of other examples.

Do I find the whip-weilding sadistic bitch intriguing? Yes, yes I do. Do I find it contrived in most people, and stereotypical as well? An even more resounding yes.

I feel like there is an inherent insecurity in most women who claim to be the "alpha female".

Forced Bi Lovers, Listen The Fuck Up...

"Way back when I first started this blog, I wrote an entry about how much I love man on man sex. I promptly erased it later that summer, with the fear that it would incriminate me in some way. I regret that now, because it was one of my most responded-to posts, and opened my eyes to the sheer magnitude of forced bi lovers. I mean, there are loads of you people!! Which is great, because I love man on man sex. I love the ass cleavage, the juiciness, the balls slapping against a nice, ripe ass, god, everything to do with it. Phew. Anyway... I have been reading a lot of posts on various BDSM chat boards about forced bi stuff, so I thought I would express some of my love and frustration with the whole scene.

First, the love: There is nothing better than seeing two men do things to each other under my direction. Especially if they are nicely hung men. It's like playing dolly, only with cock. And more wetness in my panties. See above.

Now, the frustration: Okay, you sitting down? For some reason, perhaps because of the taboo, perhaps because of the anticipation/fear, it is very common for people to puss out. And for all of you have pussed out, I want you to be aware of the time and effort that is put in to making this scene happen, in the hopes that maybe you'll have a better notion of the havoc you wreak when you decide to be a little coward. It's emails, it's phone calls, it's setting aside hours of my time for the session itself. It's coordinating your schedule with someone else who is equally as busy. Hence, you cannot call me on Friday afternoon, and expect that I will have a cock waiting for you on Friday evening. What the fuck kind of shit is that??? Oh, you get an "urge", and then expect me to deliver the goods within a few hours??? Fuck THAT noise, and fuck you too. Oh no, wait. You WON'T get fucked, because you can't plan ahead and fucking control yourself.

That is what is wrong with forced bi lovers. There is little to no control. The urge strikes, and then you must satisfy it. Know what? Go to and imagine that I'm in the room. Imagine that I'm naked! Hell, go hogwild! But don't fucking call me if you're not fucking serious."

Yeah, I wrote that little ditty above a few days ago. I guess I was feeling a bit contentious. I just read it again a few minutes ago, and was like, damn, Veronica, simmer down! But now I feel like it makes a really valid point, and has me wondering whether forced bi fantasies can actually be classified as "submission", or if they are simply a fetish. Perhaps it is more a combination of the two.

The reason I say this is because, although it is common for our kink-urges to strike us strongly and out of the blue, it is so intensely common for forced bi people to punk out, it makes me think that they are not really submissive. Or, it is not bourne out of a desire to be submissive, but more from a desire to be in front of a powerfully dressed female, with a throbbing cock in front of his mouth. Which is all visual, and frankly, a fetish.

However, as I mentioned above, it is a highly taboo act, and one which they are probably really afraid of. Perhaps this fear is fear of actually being homosexual- which their ego for some reason cannot reconcile. The volley of desire vs. self-image is a powerful one, and many men into this type of scene inevitably feel the urge to let me know that "they're NOT GAY". Aha, methinks the lady doth protest too much...