Friday, February 27, 2015

Yet Another Opportunity For You?!


As I'm sure you're all already aware, as you all follow me religiously on Twitter and other social networking platforms (ha ha), I am offering yet another opportunity for you twerps to come session with me :).  This time, it is not a science question (yaaay!), however, it requires that you donate to one of my favorite podcasts,   The Masocast.

Masocast has been interviewing kinky people for a few years now, and among the archives you can find such interesting people as Yours Truly, Mistress Wynter, Miss Regan Black, Eve Minax, Midori, Mistress Sade, and a bevy of other fascinating characters from the scene and beyond.  I love that they do this and I want them to keep doing it, so I am offering $30 off a session with me for every $20 you donate to Masocast.  Hence, if you donate $100, you could get to session with me for $150 bucks. What a steal!

So click on the link above and contribute!  I will appreciate it, and you will be helping to keep an important record of our community around for current and future kinksters to enjoy.

This offer won't last!  Ha ha.  No really.  Get it done by March 31st or I won't count it.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Holy Shit, These Nuns Could Chop Suey Your Ass!

Notice one of them fends off a knife with a rosary.  So cool.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Elementary, My Dear Domina [REPOST from 11/7/13]

Tonight I watched the episode of Elementary which featured a dominatrix, and I have to say, it was not all that bad.  I was expecting the worst, really, I mean it is network television.  

Although I am a die-hard Sherlockian I just keep missing it because frankly, I forget to watch it, but also because I find Lucy Liu to be a subpar Watson.  Not because she's a woman (clearly), but because they failed to make her interesting. Also, her acting is not exactly Shakespearean, let's face it.  Watson is a doctor, but he is also a gambling fiend, something of a womanizer, and probably has PTSD or whatever its Victorian equivalent is from being a surgeon in the war (read: occupation) of India.  He/She is actually quite a well-formed character, and to see he/she being played so one-dimensionally...  I digress.

Anyway-- I actually didn't mind the depiction of the dominatrix. I thought it was a good lead-in, and the fact that the police treated her nonchalantly even while she was wearing leather and latex was a nice touch. She was not treated with any level of suspicion, and in fact knew Holmes through a mutual academic interest (not through the seedy underworld), which was refreshing. This of course, is done to throw off the audience, because of course they would be ready to believe that a dominatrix was involved in a crime (I would assume).

I also thought it clever that neither the actual suspects or even the victim were involved in BDSM at all.

Also-- did anyone else notice they made a visit to Purple Passion? The scene where the clerk starts talking about how marginalized kinky people are while telling them they need a subpoena is priceless.

The other drama based on The Canon (hee hee),  the BBC's Sherlock, also features a dominatrix in one of their episodes early on as Irene Adler.   The series is much more satisfying than Elementary in a way because they draw directly from the original stories and weave them together to create a more complex contemporary tapestry.  At first, the thought of a dominatrix as Irene Adler (referred to as The Woman by Holmes-- one of two people to ever have outsmarted him) seems quite logical.  She is depicted as an adventuress in the original stories, is a well-known opera singer, (apparently not a respectable profession in Victorian times- think somewhere along the lines of Degas' ballet dancers) making her somewhat of a charlatan.   Hmmm...  sort of like being a dominatrix today, no?  I'll answer that for you-- Yes.  However-- and I do mean to spoil it for you if you haven't watched it-- they fail to imbue the dominatrix character with any of the original Irene's capacity for deceit.  On TOP of that, we are expected to believe that she is perhaps attracted to him (um, NO) and even weakened by his affections.  For instance, a code she expects to flummox Holmes with turns out to be a reference to her "longing" for him (gag me with a forklift) and also, he of course comes to her rescue near the end (It IS the 21st century right?  Just checking).  If you are familiar with the original stories, this would never, ever have happened.   Irene Adler was a consummate professional and would only ever be interested in making sure that Holmes could never catch up with her.  The entire point is that she was the "one who got away", and the reader is left to wonder whether it is because she escaped before Holmes could catch her or whether it is because she would never bang him.  Excuse me, take a turn around the room with him.   All in all, it is probably a combination of both, but Holmes' characteristic Victorian repression would never let him admit that to himself or anyone else.  Which is why we love him. 

Anyway, here is the naked scene, as promised.  I have to admit it was clever to make her most impressive outfit her sheer nakedness:  

And if you are interested (as you should be), here is the Sherlock Holmes (starring Jeremy Brett) episode in it's entirety with Gayle Hunnicutt as The Woman.  Fast forward to 16:55 to see what I mean ("She was beautiful, bewitching, daring...")

Saturday, February 7, 2015

This, this, a thousand times THIS!

Twenty eight female inmates escaped by tricking the guards into thinking they were going to seduce them...  Using dominatrix outfits!  They handcuffed the men and stole all their fucking guns.  Left them tied up for the police to find them.

Hot off the presses.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

May the best dork win!

Whoever can solve the two problems below will receive 50% off their next (or first) session with me. As last time, I need you to show all work and also be the FIRST person to hand in your results. You may send me a picture of your efforts via email or Twitter.  Because I am just so fucking nice.  Also, I like to reward thoughtful effort.  So get on it geeks!

Click on it to enlarge... duh!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Don't Freak Out!

A few of you know that I have been preparing for a doctoral program that it has been my wish to enter for a few years now.  I just found Thursday that I have been accepted, so am announcing my retirement for JULY.  Not tomorrow, not next week--- calm the fuck down---  JULY.

That means you have six months to get your ass in gear if you have not yet seen me, or if you saw me a few years ago and have been meaning to see me again, or if you've been too afraid, or even if you see me on the regular.   Get your ass in my dungeon.

I can guarantee you will regret it if you don't.  :)

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