Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Pics...

These are from a photoshoot I did about two weeks ago. I don't think I will use this photographer again, but these are a few that I think aren't too bad. The photographer was really big on Photoshop (so the flaws abound, yes?)- which I do not like to use except to fix the tiniest of details. Suffice to say, we had our differences, but I got a few that I'm obviously not embarrassed to post here. Anyway, here they are- with no touching up at all.

Special Thanks to Mikey T for lending me his tux. xoxo.



advochasty said...

Great shots V!!

There is something so classically timeless about a tux!

Is that thing lit? I just smoked one on my deck. I love girls smoking a cigar. You hold it so...naturally.

Cummerbund...such a pervy word, no?
From the Persian for waist restraint.

I see you wear yours up.

So hot....

Anonymous said...

Look great to me...Jim from CT

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

Thanks, Jim! Hope to see you this month!


Yes, it is lit. It was actually the first time I had ever smoked (a good) cigar before, and I really fucking loved it. So decadent. Thanks for the compliments.


hoodman said...

Cummerbund! i love that last shot. This is an interesting masculine look that You make look very sexy.
Thank You for the pictures.

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