Friday, November 20, 2009

Victorian Discipline Rules Sooo Hard....

I don't normally do this, because frankly, most people's blogs bore the fucking crap out of me. But Wynter is a true connoisseur, and a true lover of all (most?) things kink. If you've ever been to her house, you know. So she posted a list of Victorian-era schoolroom discipline rules- meaning, a list of possible transgressions and their consequences- which makes me want to cream myself. So here it is (for anyone here who still does not read her blog- naughty, naughty!!):


By the way, she does have this up on her fridge, which is very funny. Also, you need to follow her right now.



advochasty said...

Stealing elastic of hat in porch

Definitely something I do all the time!! I should be punished.

Do they still have dancing on the bar at Billy Marks? I've actually been. Imagine that. Saw the Dictators.

The new banner is just too hot. The little peek of hip so OMG scorching.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

What? No sulking? No swearing? I'm toast! And I was just thinking about spitting into the pencil holder....

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

Yeah, I have a few questions and a few favorites.

For instance, what is the difference between "indecent actions to girls" and "molesting girls"- not the same thing?? I also love how they group together "inattention, then laughing"... do those activities go together?? How?? There's also apparently, a Victorian distinction between "telling lies" and "telling untruths", which is equally baffling.

I also love how incredibly specific all of the infractions need to be- like they couldn't just group all "stealing" or all "spitting", it has to be, "stealing clay and working mischief with it", or "spitting on desks". Ah, so Victorian! They weren't much for simplification, were they?

But I think my favorite is "dancing on seat behind teacher". It's so charmingly, well, child-like.

Ed said...

Great rules! I love the one about cheese balls!

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