Thursday, May 13, 2010

Veronica Unplugged

I haven't written in awhile, because chiefly, I don't like to ramble on for the sake of rambling, or else just write so that you might have something to read.  However, I did want to offer an explanation, as I am getting barraged with emails about why I have been neglecting my favorite rant-a-go-go.
(Not sure whether anyone else gets this feeling, but sometimes I can't sit in front of a pixelated rectangle and concentrate.  It makes me feel like I'm missing Life.  In fact, I want to throw it out the window much of the time.  I mean, the weather has been fantastic!) 

Rest assured I will be back in proper form in a few days...



greg said...

glad you posted something - i missed your insightful comments

i agree the weather is great - spring is here
why stay in front of a computer :-)

but a sub still needs to check in - in case your write something in your blog :-)

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Be free! Have fun! Smell the roses! Have a blast! The cyber universe will still be here when you get back! ;-)

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

You guys are the best!

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