Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My subs want to party all the time!

The subject line should be sung to Eddie Murphy's, "Party All The Time".

The Violent Fems will be hosting a private party on September 12th at an undisclosed location.  Some lucky participants will get the chance to be "ambushed" by us between 7pm and 9pm if they RSVP ahead of time and pay a small fee of $40 (what a bargain!).  Other subby muffins who want to come but are too pussy to get down and dirty can RSVP to get the location and pay $10 at the door.  Of course, everyone will get a chance to meet the ladies.  Prepare to be entertained, titillated, and charmed by our combined overwhelming feminine whiles!   If you would like to be ambushed, please email me with your interests and experience.

Meanwhile...  I had a photo shoot the other day which came out pretty well.  Here's a little taste:


greg said...

great photos Miss.

what happens if a sub wanders into the place that you are having violent fems gathering?

Ms Regan Black said...

PIctures are awesome.
Party is awesome.
You are all-around awesome!


Mistress Veronica NYC said...


No! You're awesome! You are such an integral part of the Fems, I love you so much.


You're just going to have to wander in and find out! Nothing that you couldn't enthusiastically handle, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...


You look sensational in those shots. There is a reason that jacket is a classic. I have one too, but I don't think I look as sexy in it as you do in yours. Though I am close :)


Anonymous said...

Girl you are lookin supper totally amazing, with a side order of wow in those photos.

Mistress Devon said...

I love your new photos. You look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

charming - i miss you