Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cross Post from "Diaries of the Diabolical" Pics from Violent Fems Party: Part Deux!

Here's a taste of what you missed by hiding at home:

Phasers and bike chains?
The VFs know how to party!

Ensign booty meets The Kingpin.

The Scorpion is ready for action.

Psychobubbles' first round.

The Knife and The Kingpin pelt their hapless prisoner with wet Tribbles.

Knuckles can't resist letting him have it, either!

Our princess. Ha ha ha!

The Knife beats and wedgies someone who was dumb enough to wander into their private party.

Kitty Stanwyck comes prepared to any party.

Scorpion finds herself a couple of suckers.

Knuckles and The Kingpin plan their next move.

The Kingpin loves beating up boys!


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