Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sexy time...

I can watch this over and over. The women's lips, their expressions, the pink asses... Also, I think it's a pretty decent song. Enjoy!


Ms. Justine said...

Hot! I love how reserved they are when ringing the bell to spank their servant!

Anonymous said...

For some reason the video had an 80s feel to me, in a good way. I enjoyed at the end how people were shown being lined up for a spanking.

The women were very sexy. Especially their thighs, perfect balance between thin and thick.

I agree with you about the lipstick!

The women seemed to get something I just can't articulate right that made this video very sexy to watch.


Mistress Veronica NYC said...

Ms Justine,

I do too! I love old world protocols, so the bell is just hilarious.

Mistress Veronica NYC said...


It does have an 80's feel. The women are so fucking sexy. It seems like they are familiar with the subject, and I think that's what makes it hot.


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