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October 9th, 2011 7pm to 11pm. Billymark's West, NYC

Come out and get your ghoul on early with The Fems as we welcome Mistress Shae Flannigan (aka The Humbler) from Los Angeles to play! We are so happy to have her as our guest Mistress, as she is well-known for her expertise in cruelty... muah ha ha! Find her website here:

So don your costume early- put on your Jason mask, paint your face like a scary clown, put on the dress you're ashamed to wear in public- or if you really want to get on my good side, come as a zombie! Zombies in skimpy outfits get extra spanks! However you do it, prepare for spooky kinky fun! If you're an attackee, prepare for your darkest nightmare, ahem, I mean fantasy to come true... As we see fit.

If you've been masturbating in your room to World of Warcraft and don't know who we are, The Violent Fems website is here: Also, follow our blog: and on Twitter!: @ViolentFems

We consider this party to be far far removed from the run-of-the-mill fetish party in the sense that it is more a theater in the round. We dress up, we have certain people on whom we stage "attacks" (the attackees), we use "gang" implements, mostly, rather than whips and floggers, and we're also friendly. You will not come to the party and stand around being bored waiting for someone to play or for someone to pay attention to you. If you are patient and don't get in our way, we eventually say hello to everyone. You just have to be patient and respectful. Should I state that one more time? Patient and respectful, thanks!

There are two tiers for this party, as you well know: $10 for observers, and $50 for ATTACKEES Don't know what an attackee is, but are interested? PM Mme Veronica on Max Fisch or email me at

**FYI, this party starts early and ends at 11pm usually, so if you show up at 10pm, you might miss a lot of the action!**

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