Saturday, November 5, 2011

I don't give a flying fuck...

What you do for a living. In fact, I prefer if you're a plumber, or an MTA employee, or blue collar in general, because they are the people who really have to make an effort to see me.

Recently I've had a flurry of requests from people trying to win my "approval"...? By telling me that they are Wall Street affiliated (yeah, that's legit... NOT) or in some way a pillar of their community. No offense, but that means nothing. Your reputation in the vanilla world has absolutely no effect on how we will interact, or how I will respond to you. In fact, my best clients are people who have to save their pennies to see me. If you really want to session, read my About Page on my website, and assess whether our interests correspond. Even better, scroll down this page and figure out if I'm the kind of person you would like to have a chat with. Better yet, knock yourself out and read the blog in it's entirety. It might entertain you. But don't. Under any circumstances. Think that you have a leg up on anyone else because you're educated, wealthy, or "respected". Write me a nice email. Give as much detail as you can without making it a novel, and then shut up until I contact you.


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