Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Aliiiive!

The picture below is from my last session with Frank, who made me the clip attachments because he's a glutton for punishment.

Looking closely, as I know you want to (but will probably regret), I have electrode pads sticking to either side of his balls, and 25 gauge needles through his scrotal skin.   Then, taking the alligator clips that were plugged into my Erostek, I attached them to the needles.  He described the pain as "piercing".  Well, duh!

Are you horrified?  Good.  Kind of gives a new meaning to the phrase, "Tingly Naughty Bits".



1 comment:

Frank said...

Each time Miss Veronica turned up the juice, it felt like she was inserting the needles anew, but worse (better?)

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