Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is Your Ass Tingling Yet?!

It must be in anticipation of the Violent Fems spankdown you’re going to get this Thursday at 10pm at The Stonewall Inn!  That’s right, Me, Mistress WynterMistress Regan, and Mistress Alex will be there, palms aready for a good cause!  There might be other implements in use as well, just because we might feel like it.
All proceeds will go toward the formation of a sex worker health collective- more info here:
On November 29th, the PROS Network and PERSIST Health Project, two peer-led organizations focused on improving access to care, services, and rights for sex workers throughout NYC are hosting PROS/PERSIST: A Benefit for Peer-Led Sex Workers’ Rights & Services in NYC will be held at the historic Stonewall Inn. We’ll be raffling off a host of great prizes including fine art by Mark Dion, and feature a great lineup of performers doing readings, burlesque performances and more!
Tickets will be sold in increments of $10, $25, $50, and $100, and you can BUY ADVANCE TICKETS HEREDoors open at 7pm sharp!
Performances begin at 8pm
Raffle Prizes Announced: 9:30pm
Guest DJ Shomi Noise and Lap dance and spanking booths open at 10pm
Where: Stonewall Inn, 53 Christopher Street, NYC
We are holding a benefit to raise funds for the following activities:
To expand access to care for sex workers by laying the foundation to open up NYC’s first health clinic run by and for sex workers, similar to St James Infirmary in SF
For advocacy and policy change to decriminalize sex work and prostitution in NY state, and to remove criminal penalties from all consensual sexual behavior (such as racial profiling, immigration laws, and public space)
To conduct best practices training and capacity-building for health care providers, law enforcement, social workers, legal service providers, and community members
And Much More!
NOVEMBER 29th, 2012: PROS/PERSIST: A Benefit for Peer-Led Sex Workers’ Rights & Services in NYC
Stonewall Inn, 53 Christopher St, NYC

Come on down and say hello!



michael said...

Mistress Veronica, i have been aching to witness a VF performance since finding Your link. i hope to one day be able to attempt to withstand such an attack myself. Our inaugural session surprised and inspired me exponentially. While i will be out of town this week i will endeavor to be at the next VF smack-fest. Am hoping for session 2 in December, or at least early Jan, if it so pleases You.

miss said...

Michael, you are such a sweetheart. I look forward to seeing you again too! We have so much to accomplish!

I will keep you posted for VF parties. I always post the dates immediately on my blog and on the Events page in Fetlife.


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