Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Masocast Interview Tonight!

Pose your questions in the Comment section here, or email Axe:

Never heard or seen Masocast??  For shame, my lovelies!! 

Find it here:

New to my blog??  Find my last interview from January with THE VIOLENT FEMS here:  Masocast Intrepidly Enters The Lair of The Violent Fems!

Also, my first interview from 2011 is here:  Mistress Veronica on Masocast Take One!

I look forward to hearing from all of you!



Anonymous said...

The masochast URL has some typos in it, here is the right one


Anonymous said...

All that giggling...., I would like to get a sample of whatever you had before that interview :).

The 3 piece suit you mentioned wearing to that wedding. Was it a guy's 3 piece suit or a feminized version of a suit: cinched waist, femme shoes, makeup, jewlery etc?

Back in school, I kept hearing stories about a computer programmer who went to work crossdressed from the neck down.

I saw him at a friend's wedding. From the neck down he looked like the most elegantly dressed woman. Shiny blue dress, heels, stockings, bracelets, necklaces etc. From the top up he looked like he fell off of a box of cough drops. Bald on top, big bushy uber nerd epic beard.

The people at the wedding were way cool, I don't think anyone but me took more than a passing glance at him.

A year or so ago I briefly dated a woman who I could tell was really into me. She was also an old school feminist. She went out of her way to open doors for me, pull my chair out, taking care of problems in restaurants and even offering to walk me to my car. I found it to be very exciting, especially in combination with her strong attraction to me. I felt a bit like prey and I liked it.

Your bit of the conversation about role reversal with feminization reminded me of that. I think the role reversal of the domme acting like a man while treating the guy like a woman would add a lot of power to it. I agree, on a psychological level it would be a deep power exchange.

Again, what was making you giggle so much? I'd like some! :)



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