Monday, July 28, 2014

New Wonder Woman!!

I have to say, she looks pretty decent.  Zack Snyder has directed some of my favorite movies (Dawn of the Dead remake- give it a chance, it's quite funny), and although I'm not a huge super hero fan, I am all about some Wonder Woman.  

I have written about her in the past at length, and credit the reading of the books as a very young child to my, ahem...  sexual revelations.

Read the old post here, originally from December of 2008:

Hmmm... No Wonder!

Yeah, so, um, look at these pictures and tell me you are surprised that I do what I do. They are pages from a Wonder Woman book and record set I used to have when I was a little kid. Book and record sets were read-a-long comic books where you listened to what the characters were saying as you read. I absolutely adored this comic- it's voluptuously drawn, brightly colored, the stories are engaging, and it is framed by an abstract splash of panels that are so dynamic in their organization- it forces your eyes to dart hungrily from corner to corner. Their aesthetic is not what really impressed me though, it's the fact that they are ALL about women dominating men. Let me explain: There are two stories, the first called, "Wonder Woman vs. The War God", in which she fights Mars, on planet Mars (lol!) and wins, as the power of peace and love will always prevail over evil. Okay, kind of cliche, but I was only 8. But my favorite story in the book was, "Amazons from Space" in which female aliens invade Earth, having invented a virus that has rendered all the men of their planet completely submissive (!!!). Suffice to say, I read this story over and over again, drinking up each page, puzzling over some of the larger words, lusting after the seven foot tall Queen of the Psi-Women, Llyra (are her clothes painted on?)... and to top it off, she and Wonder Woman get into a no-holds bitch-slap fest, ending with Llyra prostrate on the ground (her ass high in the air), warning Wonder Woman that no one has ever dared touch her in such a fashion- so beware! It's an unbelievably sexy fucking comic, and gave me funny stirrings which I re-live in a way every time I open it.

It never dawned on me until now what sort of impression it must have had on my childhood fantasies, which of course are connected to larger adult sexual fantasies sometimes. I know a lot of men have had the same experience with Cat Woman (RIP, Eartha Kitt) but never thought until now how powerful these images can be. Would it be wrong for me to masturbate to this now??? Because it's right next to me, and... LOL!

For the whole book, neatly scanned and (if you're reeeeeally bored) a downloadable audio clip click here:


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