Friday, February 27, 2015

Yet Another Opportunity For You?!


As I'm sure you're all already aware, as you all follow me religiously on Twitter and other social networking platforms (ha ha), I am offering yet another opportunity for you twerps to come session with me :).  This time, it is not a science question (yaaay!), however, it requires that you donate to one of my favorite podcasts,   The Masocast.

Masocast has been interviewing kinky people for a few years now, and among the archives you can find such interesting people as Yours Truly, Mistress Wynter, Miss Regan Black, Eve Minax, Midori, Mistress Sade, and a bevy of other fascinating characters from the scene and beyond.  I love that they do this and I want them to keep doing it, so I am offering $30 off a session with me for every $20 you donate to Masocast.  Hence, if you donate $100, you could get to session with me for $150 bucks. What a steal!

So click on the link above and contribute!  I will appreciate it, and you will be helping to keep an important record of our community around for current and future kinksters to enjoy.

This offer won't last!  Ha ha.  No really.  Get it done by March 31st or I won't count it.


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