Friday, May 27, 2016

Movie Songs To Cringe/Sing To

On that note (ha ha), I give you one of my most favorite cringe-worthy songs of all time, from the movie Breakin 2:  Electric Boogaloo...  Carol Lynn Motherfuckin Townes (also, Ollie and Jerry are the unsung geniuses of shitty pop music):

Keeping on the shitty AWESOME 80's movie soundtrack song theme, another favorite is Joe Esposito's, "You're The Best, Around".   Focus, power, deliver, balance, make good fight.  It's on repeat whenever I go into a tournament...  And pretty much in my head nonstop.  Also, Daniel gets KICKED IN THE FACE, gets right back up and delivers a side kick right to the ribs.  Enjoy:

There are a lot of good songs on The Karate Kid soundtrack, but I will show some restraint and save my Karate Kid post for another day. This is technically a song from a soundtrack, although not the exact version...  No disrespect to the late great Whitney Houston, but this version of I Will Always Love You was recorded right after Dolly wrote it, so holds a particular poignancy.  That, and Dolly is magic.  (If you're confused, the song was the hit from The Bodyguard soundtrack)


Queen came out with this song rather late in their career right before they found out Freddie was sick. Along with his groundbreaking performance at Live Aid, it helped to resurrect their careers in America after they were banned from MTV due to a video they made in which all of them wore women's clothing (I Want To Break Free).  In Britain, everyone could tell that it was a sly send-up of a popular television show, however, Americans, being the myopic literal-minded dolts that we are, were offended. I haven't seen Iron Eagle since I was like seven, but this song never gets old (also, it's got balls):


The Harder They Come.  Of course.  I met someone who had never heard of it the other day and I felt sorry for them.  Reggae is not a genre I know much about, but most things I've heard from Tony Tribe, The Melodians, Peter Tosh, Toots and the Maytals, and most anyone from the 60's and 70's is just so great.  Pressure Drop is pretty par for the course for every shitty ska band in the world, but done correctly is a beautiful thing.  The whole album is just amazing, so light a spliff and enjoy:  (also not cringe-y)

Any self-respecting mobster knows a guy named Gino who's always eating a sandwich and has the keys to the back door of the glitziest club in the city.  This is one of my favorite scenes, and such a great use of this song.  Note:  Does NOT fall under cringe-inducing.

You had to have known this was coming.  I'M A GIRL, DAMNIT, AND BEING A GIRL, I'M ALLOWED, NO, AUTHORIZED TO LOVE DIRTY DANCING.  If you don't know how awesome it is, I pity you.  It is a groundbreaking film about sexual, racial, and class tensions of the 60's that disguises itself as a dance movie.  And the dancing is THAT good that you forget about all the fucked up shit that happens.  That said, I leave this here (drops mic):  



Anonymous said...

Those were some ancient movies. LOL, totally cringey/fun, especially the Karate Kid.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Karate Kid scene, LOL!

I like how the producer played around with everyone having a schlumpy uniform but the Cobra Ki guys had stylish form fitting black uniforms with good haircuts( for the time )