Saturday, November 15, 2008

Late Halloween post...

Ha ha, no, your eyes are not deceiving you... I was a cop, and my slave was a Domme "caught in the act" as it were, flogger in hand. Naughty girl! We went to sMACK which, truthfully, kinda blew donkey. Plenty of performances for people to jack off to, but... no kink! Seriously, the one performance I could watch (because we waited on line for an hour to get in) was just a guy in a lab coat and a girl fake-fucking for about twenty minutes. Now, I like watching sex, don't get me wrong. But if I want to watch people dry-humping I can go to strip club. I thought I was at a fetish party, which means I get to see people get beat, or tied up, or suspended, or something!? There was, however, a good impromptu flogging on the cross next to me, between a husband and wife.

The other incident of note was when we were standing on line at the Papaya Dog, waiting for some 3am hot dogs. I heard some guy behind me say, "I soooo want to stick my tongue in your ass." I turned around and said, "What? What did you say??!" He looked at me wide-eyed, like he couldn't believe he'd actually said what he was thinking. I gave him a prompt lecture (read: I got up and yelled in his face) telling him he should never EVER speak to a woman that way, and who did he think he was, and his mother obviously failed as a parent, etc. And then I slapped the fruity little earring right out of his ear. Then, my slave tried to get involved (looking really tough in a wig and a dress), and tried to start a fight in order to defend my honor. There was something about "step over my guitar if you want to fight" which, if you ask me, is an indication that you all BUT want to get in an actual fight... suffice to say, it all ended happily, as the people around us heckled the chunky little "rocker" (he was dressed like the lead singer of Loverboy, and the guitar was from Guitar Hero) and he apologized profusely.

After that, I went to a really boring party where everyone but me and my friends seemed to be on Exstacy. Someone tried to touch me, and I left.

Not a super awesome Halloween, but eventful nonetheless.

I was really happy that my sissy friend made it out for the first time in his full glory, which I wish I had a picture of... I am very proud of you, my dear.


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