Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Woman's Faith In Humanity Still Not Dashed Despite Seeing Man Take Picture of Accident Victim With His Cell Phone"

That is what the headline of my newspaper would read today, if in fact, I owned a newspaper. Which I should!

And yes, that did actually happen to me while I was walking in the Village the other day. There was a body grotesquely articulated on the ground amongst a scene of ambulance horror, and some dude raised his phone in the air and took a picture of it. For what? So he could show his friends how demented he is? So that no one would doubt that he was, in fact, the biggest douchebag on the planet?

I contemplated confronting him, then decided it wasn't worth the trouble. There was a huge mob of people around the scene. I don't know about you, but I find it a little strange to stand there and stare at a mortally injured body. I really, really wanted to- but it skeeved me out too much to stand there for more than five seconds. What is it about accidents and violent mishappenings that hypnotizes people so completely? The projection of ourselves in the situation? The anomolous terror of it all? The shock value?

And why, why, why do I always have to bring everything back to BDSM (because I'm a pervert) but- car crashes are a fetish. Remember that lip-stretching yawn of a movie, Crash, with James Spader and Holly Hunter (*cough* no chemistry *cough*)? It is beyond me how you can make a movie about car crash fetishists into a grade A nap-inducer, but somehow Hollywood managed to pull it off. The opening scene with the panties and the sex against a car (or for some reason, I'm remembering an airplane was involved) was terrifically, scorchingly hot. Woo! I get squishy thinking about that. Don't bother to see it if you haven't already. It was made in the mid 90's, so it's about as shocking as seeing Britney Spears' pussy at this point. It's overdone.

Anyway- the movie seems to imply that the fetish goes beyond the simple shocking incident and aftermath and bridges over into a fetish for immobilization, re: casts, wheelchairs, and permanent handicaps. If the fetish actually exists, how are we to find out where the people who engage it are? They don't need their own porn sites, as there are plenty of pictures of car crashes on the internet!

The only evidence I have that this might be a legitimate fetish (and not fairytale) is a small statement from an artist called Romain Slocombe. He is known for his contributions to a genre of art called, Medical Art, and his pictures of Japanese women in various states of immobility are quite famous. From Deviant Desires:

"Slocombe remembers being quite terrified of car accidents as a child. At the same time, he felt that people who had been in an accident had a special erotic aura around them."

This only implies that these fetishes are related, but not conclusive of anything. If anyone has any insight into this subject, please don't hesitate to contribute. Is this a true fetish, or something that has been Hollywood-ized into the annals of urban myth? We might never know.

Oh, and totally off topic-

For those who call me instead of emailing me as it says on my website to book a session: Use email. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. When someone calls me when I'm not expecting it I do a little dance to the ringtone. Seriously. It's like a Curtis Mayfield R&B jam with horns. It's really nice. I get down to it's funky beat.


advochasty said...

We both have perfectly good posts up going uncommented upon. What is the dealio?

I too thought parts of Crash were searingly hot, but it was a loser of a movie. My evidence for you that crutches, casts, amputations, - i.e. the hot walking wounded - is a fetish is found in the photography of Helmut Newton. At least he had a thing for hot, often dommy looking women, who were injured in some obvious way.

Here's an example.There are lots of Newton photos catering to this theme. Helmut was waaaay kinky. Whether this means there is a card carrying group of fetishists in the sub-genre is another question. My own belief is yes.

advochasty said...

Ooops ... messed up the html anchor code. Once again...
Here's an example.

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

I know, advo. So annoying. It makes me think that a lot of people have stopped reading it, but who knows.

Someone did, however, send me an email with a link to some website which validates that the cripple love is an actual condition? preference?- not sure, but it's called acrotomophilia.

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

No offense, but that Helmut Newton picture is kind of gross. I mean, you can see her ribcage for chrissakes. She looks as though she is going to crumble to pieces. Slocombe's pictures, while still fucking weird, are kind of cute- in a strange way.

marvingaye said...

It has nothing to do with any kind of fetish I don't think, its just that some people are so moronic with their cellphones that they think they have to take a picture of every single little tiny thing or text every single random thought that runs through their mind. This guy was probably too much of an idiot to realize how morally wrong it is to take a cellphone picture of someone who just got hurt in an accident.

I didn't know there was another movie called Crash...but the one that came out in 2005 and won Best Picture was way overrated...

The Hermit said...

What's more disturbing is that it's not all that uncommon. I'm willing to bet that wont be the last time you see such a thing.

Mistress Veronica NYC said...


I don't think it has anything to do with the fetish either, I was just making a loose connection for the sake of conversation. What you said about people texting and communicating constantly I think is right on.

The Crash movie that you are referring to had Matt Dillon in it, and I believe involved a car crash, but the Crash that I referred to was a David Cronenberg film from 1996. It was surprisingly shocking and twisted for it's time, but now seems very over the top and campy. 9 and 1/2 weeks is similarly dated now as well.

Mistress Veronica NYC said...


I certainly hope not. I guess that's what I get though for enjoying walking around so much.

P.S. Your blog is boss.

Anonymous said...

You have faith in humanity? Veronica! Stop that! Don't be silly.