Thursday, April 30, 2009

Party time, excellent!!

This is about a party we threw a few months back to celebrate our dungeon space, and to show our appreciation for some of our fellow mistresses. Written by my personal slave, Spunk...

I was invited to serve food and drink at a party that Ms. Veronica and Ms. Alex were throwing for their fellow Dominatrices at their Lower East Side dungeon. The invitation explained that I would be required to wear a frilly white apron and something mildly humiliating underneath. Alex gave me a pair of tight vinyl shorts and I picked up a silky apron with lacey edges at a discount store. The invitation gave detailed instructions of what was expected of me. I was not to speak unless spoken to, and it warned that if I insisted on drawing attention to myself, I would be used for the Mistress’ amusement. I knew that there would be eight Mistresses present, many of whom I did not know. In the days leading up to the party, I was excited and also nervous at the thought of what might happen to me at the hands of this group of dominant women. There would be two other men present, another server and the chef. I knew that women often behave differently in packs than one on one, and I knew that I would have to try my hardest to do well at serving the wine and food, in order to avoid the tortures they are all so expert in administering.

The day of the party finally arrived and I showed up early as instructed to assist the chef, Preston, with his preparations in the kitchen. I set the table. I was barefoot and feeling a little exposed in the vinyl shorts and apron when the first guests arrived. I asked the guests if I could take their bag and coats. My fellow server, Lolita, (whose name was chosen by Veronica and Alex) offered them a glass of Prosecco. (Lolita had a much more elaborate outfit than mine: High heels, stockings, a corset and apron) Once all the coats were hung, the ladies sat drinking wine and talking. I passed around hors d'oeuvres and Lolita poured the wine, and shared his knowledge about the wine.

Ms. Jada told Ms. Veronica she had a sore neck, and Ms. Veronica offered my services. She accepted and I began massaging her neck and back. Her bra strap began falling down her arm and she accused me of trying to undress her. She reported this to Ms. Veronica, and then Ms. Jada threw me on the floor and started hitting my inner thighs with a riding crop. I remember Ms. Veronica saying "He can tolerate a lot of pain", as Ms. J reddened my ass with the crop. I felt good and it seemed easy to take. I was then ordered to roll over and there I lay on my back looking up at the eight beautiful women who surrounded me and began pushing their feet and heels into my face, torso and balls. They laughed and giggled. They finally released me, as it was now time to start serving the first course of the meal, which was a soup.

At one point I knocked something over and Ms. Veronica ordered me to lean with my hands against the wall. She began giving me my first flogging of the evening. Feeling ballsy I said, "Is that all you got for me?" Angrily she took me out to the other room and again with my arms against the wall she hit me with her self-fashioned speaker wire flogger, which is extremely painful. Then Ms. Devon asked Veronica if she might have a go at me with a wooden spoon to which Veronica replied "He's feeling cheeky tonight, put him in his place..." Devon then lay into me with a heavy wooden spoon as if she were releasing all her frustrations upon me. I remember hearing a voice say "Position" . "Bridge Position". Devon said "Count!" and I couldn't remember how to count. I was trying to understand. But then I remembered the numbers and I just started saying numbers "7, 8, 9.." like that. Then I saw Veronica in front of me, crouching down, and she smiled as if she were trying to help me to take it and I knew everything was alright. Devon pushed me off her lap. Ms. Guinevere approached me and began twisting my nipples, "These have been ignored for too long!" I remember thinking how pretty she was and how nice she seemed. She just played around a bit and then let me go. Then it was time to serve the first course.

From this point on, dear reader, I can only report what an endorphin and adrenalin soaked brain has to say. We served the first course of the meal, which was short ribs. Everyone was imbibing and having a good time. Lolita entertained the ladies with dirty limericks. When anyone wanted a cigarette I would light it for them, or offer to light it for them. I kept filling their wine glasses and lighting their cigarettes, taking their plates away and bringing more food.

While serving the dessert I spilled some of the cream sauce on the floor. Veronica noticed and had me get down on all fours and lick it up. It really wasn't so hard because the sauce was pretty good and I knew her floors were clean. I think the girls found it amusing how willing I was to do whatever Veronica told me.

After dinner the girls retired to the other room. Lolita and I cleared the dishes. Ms. Alex invited me to come sit on her lap. She was dressed in a wife-beater and men's dress pants. As I sat on her lap she reached down the back of my vinyl shorts and shoved her dry index finger into my asshole. This was a little uncomfortable because of the lack of lubricant, but once it was in there it felt good. I began moving my hips to the music and tried to dance with her finger in my ass. Ms. Veronica looked at me and pronounced in a scolding tone "You're having sex!"

After a while I felt like pulling away, but Ms. Alex wouldn't let me. She would pull me back with her index finger, yanking on my anus. Eventually she released me. Then she asked me to lick her finger clean. At this moment, dear reader, I hesitated. I got paranoid about how hygienic it was. In retrospect, having made out with a girlfriend after she had her tongue in my ass, it amounts to the same thing.

Ms Veronica then told me to clean Ms. Alex's finger as I had clearly enjoyed it. That made it easy to do it, so I got down before Ms. Alex and sucked on her finger. She put two fingers in my mouth, and then started ramming them down my throat, which was making me gag. She didn't seem to care that I might puke on her. After I sucked on her finger for a while again she let me go. I went to the bathroom and spit it out. Then I did some dishes to kind of hide because I was freaking out.

As the guests left, I helped them on with their coats, and they all seemed to have enjoyed themselves. When everyone was gone, I was allowed to eat a plate of food that hadn't been eaten. As Lolita was getting ready to leave, Alex suggested we “get together”, and I tried acting salacious toward him. Then the girls started playing with him, ramming a dildo in his mouth. After he got slapped a bit, they tired of him and sent him away.

Then I took to cleaning all of the chef’s pots and pans and various implements of which there were many. Then I loaded it all into his car. By this time it was about 4 am. When I went back in, I was alone with Ms Veronica and Ms Alex. They seemed to be acting a little funny, and suddenly they attacked me. My shirt was ripped off. They pulled my pants down around my ankles. Ms. Alex stood in behind me and held my arms in a kind of arm lock. She had her nose pressed against my back and she kept sniffing me, but more like huffing me. Ms. Veronica started scratching me with her fingernails with broad swipes. They did it to my front and back. Then Ms. Veronica hit my cock with a long suede single tail. The blows left tremendous purple bruises. Ms. Veronica then took me in the bathroom and put alcohol on all the wounds and we talked about everything that had happened and that was really an amazing moment, dear reader. Then we all lay down, Ms. Alex and Ms Veronica on the pull out bed, and I, naked on the bondage bed. In the middle of the night Ms. Veronica came and laid a blanket on me.

The next day I got up and went to work. I felt warm all over and high as a kite. It was awesome.


unspeakable axe said...

I had a dream like this once.

It's nice to know that it can actually happen in the real world.

hoodman said...

Such a great description of what seems to me like a good time for all parties involved. It's nice when kink is simply good like this

Miss Margo said...

What a great story!

I laughed when you described doing dishes because you were freaked out and trying to hide. I worked with Mistress Alex at H.C.; I thought she was a very skilled domme, but she always intimidated me. I'd hide, too.

I liked it when Mistress Veronica put the blanket on you. That was gracious of her to do.

You must be a worthwhiile sub, otherwise they would not have allowed you to sleep in their space.

Miss Margo

TY for publishing this, M. Veronica. Nice blog BTW.

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