Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playgrounds, locker rooms, and other "real" play spaces...

I was recently talking to a sub about schoolyard bully scenes, which set me off on a tangent about how intensely fun it would be to do a session on an actual playground (abandoned, of course).

I imagined me and a group of my friends kicking dirt at him, pushing him backwards down a kiddie slide, pushing him on a swing so that he found himself floundering high in the air (he is afraid of heights), and making him hang onto the monkey bars while I pulled his pants down. I would make him hold on until he fell, and kick him in the balls for failing. Ah! So many possibilities! I would tie him to a wall and throw a dodge ball at him! Put Icy/Hot in his jockstrap! 

Has anyone else had these fantasies, or else used a non-conventional (yet, very typical in the role play sense) environment for play? Such as: churches, locker rooms, prison (hey, it could happen), the office, a lecture hall, etc?  I'm talking play, not just sex. 

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