Sunday, May 29, 2011

But there's no head!?

I was chatting with a friend who was showing me a picture of a girl who wants to fuck her. As she was about to send the picture, I got all excited, because I had already masturbated four times this morning, and wanted to break my record of 5. I told my friend that I would easily bust one out in about 3 minutes, having already seen a clothed picture of said woman. So, I get the picture, and it's indeed very naked and very hot. My eyes hungrily ate the picture- lingering on her fucking fantastic waist to hip ratio and the size of her areolas. But- it didn't turn me on. I laid there staring at it, expecting to be aroused. It is a beautiful curvy body, just what I like in women, but alas, why couldn't I do it? I was certainly "raring to go". Why couldn't I pull the trigger?

Then my friend said, "It's too bad she didn't include her face." Then I realized, I can't masturbate to a body without a head. (Or at least, I haven't been able to so far). Perhaps it's something I should work on. Is this something most men can do? Is it because I'm female that I need a face? I understand for the purposes of privacy why someone would not want to include their face in a naked photo she is sending to a stranger. But. Man. Ah well, there's plenty of porn out there for me to gorge my hungry eyes on!

Speaking of disembodiedness, check this out, it's kind of brilliant (thanks to Mistress Alex):



advochasty said...

Ass...all I need is ass.

How crass!

Anonymous said...

gotta have a head for guys too.

rob said...

I need a face. Otherwise, it's a hot bod out of some needed (for me) human context. Though I can understand the 'only needing an ass' side of things :)

Anonymous said...

The face is critical unless one goes into a special place where the fantasy superimposes the face of an obsession for me a woman that is a crush and a symbol / then maybe a faceless fantasy will work. A few feet videos do this for me but 99 out a hundred I seek a face and also a Voice which reveals the mind via tone and lyrics - hot fantasies have hooks as sharp as nipple clamps.

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