Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No need to get jealous...

Because you can always come next time! The last Violent Fems party was a few weeks ago, so I am lax in dishing all the details, however, read below and get your fix!

We drowned a Jersey boy. Or rather, made him "bob" for his leash. He

Had a mini birthday bash for a slut who ate cake off our boots while we tooted our noise makers in his ear as loud as we could

Drew on and rode a diapered boy

Tied someone to a pool table and stapled our drink orders to him

Wynter took some extra time to pull certain attackees aside for a righteous caning, as Astrid assisted

Ice down the pants! Can never get enough of that!

Our raffle included: $25 gift cert to PP, half hour free with a VF, and half hour extra time on a group session!

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