Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Conversation Ever.

This is a gchat exchange I had with one of my former clients who's a little on the shall we say...  naive (?) side.  I absolutely despise gchatting, but thought I would have some fun.  "Me" is clearly Me.  Enjoy:

me: I got a sex change, didn't you hear???

mordi: No omg
Tell me about it please

me: Yeah, I have a huge dick now
all the way down my thight

mordi: Mean it??

me: thigh

mordi: Wow ure so brave

me: yes, i feel more whole as a person

mordi: Did ure voice change too?

me: yes, and I am growing a beard!

mordi: Don't do that

me: I have huge balls now too.

mordi: U look so beautiful
What could be better then a good looking woman with a big dick

me: yeah, but now i have a huge mandingo cock and swinging fucking hairy bowling balls between my thighs
gee, im not sure.

mordi: How big?

me: 14 inches
you can pick them out of a catalogue now

mordi: Oh my g-ddddd
Where do u hide it?

me: it was same day surgery too, in and out
Why would I want to hide it???

mordi: When was that?
When u go out-must be quite obvious
Wow now I understand y u were hooked up to those vids

me: It is very obvious, yes.
what vids? oh of gay cock sucking?

mordi: Somthing -- daddy
Those jail movies

me: Oh, SCUM. With Ray Winstone.

mordi: Yups

me: It's so big, I can suck it myself now
I can get the tip in my mouth

mordi: Wow wow
Real big
Getting me scared omg
Fucked already with it?

me: yeah, i made a bunch of guys choke on it in a big leather daddy circle jerk the other night

mordi: Gotto cum see u now
Didn't invite me

me: i know, right? I'm stroking it right now
I can hardly get my hand around it

mordi: Fucked any girls yet?

me: i have to use two hands!

mordi: Thick too?
No way

me: oh yes

mordi: When did u get it?

me: today!
no wait, a few days ago
i haven't slept because i've been jerking it constantly

mordi: Ure so strong wow
Real daddy now
How many times can u cum?

me: I'm unsure, but it's like a damned cum sprinkler

mordi: Now u gotto tell what's more pleasure to fuck? R getting fucked?

me: I am just enjoying cumming all over my room on every wall

mordi: Ure so horny mam wow
No mam anymore man lol

me: Yes, I'm just a big hunk of man meat.
Big Daddy Beefcake, that's what I make the circle jerk guys call me.
Down at Rawhide.

mordi: What do ure gfs say about it?

me: Have you ever been there?
My girlfriends don't know!
They are going to be shocked!!

mordi: Rawhide?

me: Yes, the gay bar.

mordi: Where's that?

me: In Chelsea, of course.

mordi: Na I'm not gay

me: Yeah, me neither.

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