Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best Conversation Part Two.

Like a bad joke that you never get tired of, here is yet another installment of what I'm going to call, "Thursdays with Mordi".


mordi:  Hey daddy

What's goin on?

Out in da catskills now

 Sent at 11:16 PM on Thursday


mordi:  Its no more miss its master lol

 Sent at 11:18 PM on Thursday

me:  oh you are just looking to get horny now, aren't you?

do you know that I got my vagina back today?

mordi:  Just discussed u with a friend

Cum of it?

me:  got tired of having that cock. couldn't keep it because was jerking off too much

mordi:  Ure kidding?

Wanted to come over with fay


me:  and have her suck my cock??

mordi:  Yes

me:  oh that's too bad

she'd have to settle for rubber

although i guess i could get it re-attached

mordi:  Did u really have one?

Are ure just pulling my leg?


me:  hahahaha!

i guess you'll never know.

 mordi:  I think I do:)


me:  you are too clever for words!

mordi:  When u told its 14

inches that's when I got suspicious

If u would say 8-9 would of made abit of sense

me:  Why would I lie to you?

Modern science is an awe-inspiring thing.

mordi:  I'm sooo happy now luvya baby

me:  you're da best.

mordi:  Just read recently on

news about da longest cock

Having problems when going through security

An his was just about 14 in

me:  I had a bf who was a bit over 12"

mordi:  So it didn't sound right in 1st place

me:  ive seen people with bigger, though

mordi:  Possible

me:  no, i can get any kind i want!

i look in the catalogue and they gave it to me, but it was too heavy.

 mordi:  No too many 14s around

Don need more then 9

me:  well, you're just not being ambitious enough

mordi:  Maybe thick but not longer

Well I'm realistic

Sent at 11:29 PM on Thursday

mordi:  Anyway nice talkin to u babe luvya gnite<3

 Sent at 11:35 PM on Thursday

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