Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sexy Beast...

They brought me a bottle of Veueve Clicquot, which made me aware that they meant business. Jovial business. Let's have fun kind of business.

I slinked into my black latex dress (business casual for dommes) poured us some champagne, and we all sipped away with nervous apprehension. I was a bit nervous, I admit- I mean, there's so much to do! I wondered what they'd be like- reserved? Scared? Demanding? Complete novices?

I asked them about their experience. Things they had done with eachother, things they had done with other providers/professionals. The woman, Mariana, explained that she had fisted him (Carlos), and that she very much enjoyed it. I eyed her response for long enough to determine that she was telling the truth. He said that he had visited a mistress in their home country, Argentina, a few times, and that she had introduced him to sounds and needles. He said he liked them very much. Wow. Delight. This was not going to be your mother's session. Severe CBT was also something which excited him- kicking, squeezing, and even stomping.

I wanted to test Carlos' boast that he enjoyed hard CBT, so I chained him up and grabbed him- gently at first, and then gradually increasing the pressure, with my hand while looking into his eyes. As the pressure increased, I saw not a hint of resistance or pain, only ecstacy and gratitude.

Mariana was eager to learn how to administer sounds. I showed her how to lube the tip. To run the opening of the urethra with the sound slowly and gently, as to heighten the anticipation. We started with a small gauge, and slowly worked our way up. Slipping the sound gently into the urethra, patiently watching it slide down and twist, following the spiral tube all the way. Feeling the metal inside of the penis against your hand. The shallow breathing of our patient. The slack, relaxed expression on his face inspired her to touch it softly, and he rubbed her pussy as I increased the gauge of the sounds gradually.

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