Sunday, February 7, 2010

"They all talk, fight, and love just one way... dirty."

 That's a quote from the trailer to "Teenage Gang Debs" (1966)Here's the rest of it:

"They're mean and vicious as the cement jungle they live in. Teenage Gang Debs, the go-go girls who go... too far.  Kick-happy, thrill-hungry, always reckless, and... willing.  From back room dinges, to back alley rumbles, anything goes... as long as it's violent.  They respect no law, but the code of the gang, and swear their allegiance... in blood.  Under-age, over-sexed-- girls who won't take "No" for an answer.  Teenage Gang Debs."

I am absolutely transfixed by the phenomenon of the Girl Gang of the 50's and 60's.  I can find almost no sociological data on how they actually lived, formed, or fought- however, there is plenty of stylish pulp to keep me occupied.  For instance, I immediately ran out and bought this book:

Here's the description from the back cover:

                                 "MEET THE DAGGER DEBS:

CARLA, scarred by knife wounds, clawing her way to gang leadership...  RENA, a two-fisted wildcat who hungered for love but fed on excitement...  MARIA, the mugger, conscious of what her lovely body could buy for her...  AMAZON, the fighter, a dangerous threat to both girls and boys...  TRUELOVE, pretty but violent and vicious...  POODIE, gentle on the outside but seething within.


I was inspired to go out and find this book and all comparable media I could, from reading about the original gangsta girls in San Francisco, which is helped run by Mme Katorga.  I contacted her about it, and she enthusiastically gave me her blessing to create my own NYC contingent.  Their hilarious fucking website can be found here:

Girl Gang Fridays

Kidnappings, gang rapes, prison-style beat downs, interrogations, female aliens intent on sterilizing all the men on Earth, sadistic nurses who terrorize their patients...  the possibilities are endless!  Maybe we could have an East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry,  a la Biggie Smalls and Tupac!  Sans the guns or the drugs.  Or the rap music.  I intend for us having plenty of ho's though, natch.

In most of the media I've found, girl gangs were the female contingent of some menacing all-male gang.  For instance, if a guy gang were called The Daggers, the girls would call themselves The Dagger Debs.  Of course, we would flip that around and have the boys be our auxiliary who get bossed around and help prepare for us for our tyrannical excursions.  So, not only will we find "unsuspecting" men to bully, we would have a permanent little cheerleading squad as well!  Phew!  I need a cold shower...

Here are some campy trailers I found, which impart the "spirit" the gang should have:

Teenage Gang Debs

Ed Wood's- The Violent Years

High School Hellcats

I really like this trailer, because it's a gang of women criminals who "graduate to big-time crime",

Girls On The Loose

and of course, I couldn't leave out the seminal classic,

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Enjoy the videos!  I did.


Veronica Vicious


Anonymous said...

Have you seen The Warriors (the original version)? A beautiful film about 70's gangs in NY including The Lizzies, an all-female group. Here they are forcing their victims to flee in terror:

Anonymous said...

This looked interesting: Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang. I found it on Amazon. Here's a review from the NYTimes:

Happy reading!

Mistress Veronica NYC said...


I own The Warriors! It's really awesome, but I did just watch that youtube clip. Good stuff. I don't like that they lose the fight, though!


I have read Foxfire, and seen the movie- a young, luscious-lipped Angelina Jolie plays one of the leads. I should watch/read it again for inspiration.

advochasty said...

Dear Ms. Vicious -

Being a child of the 50's and 60's I credit girl gangs in some part with my subbie development and my love of dommy women.

The daydream I used to have when I was eight or so about being kidnapped by tough teenage girls on bikes wearing black leotards is girl gang based for sure. I love the "reckless and willing" thing!!

Hey, if you need a trophy, lemmee know, willya huh?

advo acquiescent

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

Hey Advo,

I will keep you in mind once everything has been discussed and organized. I have a feeling we will need an auxiliary, like I said. You could be the leader!

I love that your daydream was so specific. They HAD to be on bikes, wearing black leotards? Hmmm... there is a bit of Catwoman in there somewhere. Do you remember if a movie or tv show inspired that fantasy?


advochasty said...

I was a big Julie Newmar fan...

The mean girl bike gang tied me up and peddled me to a waiting freight train where they heaved me up on floor of a boxcar.

It was a very specific and often recurring daydream.

Frank said...

Would love to be the ho of Veronica Viscious.

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