Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mistress Wynter (Part One)

*** EDITED *** If you have not been able to listen to the interview, it's because I am technically challenged, so have changed the format like seven times. Luckily, I have people around me who communicate with computers by typing instead of screaming at them, and understand what I'm saying when I refer to a file as a "dingy". So, thank you to those people. Everything should be fine now. I hope. 2/19/10 xoxoxoxox

Below is an interview I did recently for the FemDom Interview Forum at The Scene with Mistress Wynter. It was really fun, and had to be broken into two parts because there is just far too much information for one sitting. We touch on topics such as how the femdom scene in NY has changed (for good or bad), why I'm so cute, and why the hell she loves Columbo so much (although I think she may have a convert). Just click here:


Here is her website as well...

Mistress Wynter

***Thank you "Terri Gilliam" for helping me with the sound! Otherwise, my computer would be in pieces on the floor.***


Andy said...

Thanks for the effort of making the file available. It seems that it was not really strait forward.

Your description of the "publishing process" problems is lovely.

I admit that that I thought for a moment "women and technology ..." but of course that's a silly stereotype.

By the way: Great pictures on your website. Stylish, elegant with a hint of erotic touch.

The download finished - let's listen ...

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

Thanks for the compliments.

Seeing as my sister is an electrical engineer, I would say that the "women and technology" thing is certainly way off. (Not to mention blanket statements are usually pretty meaningless)

The only regret I have about the interview is that it is far too long. The next few pieces will only be half an hour each.


Andy said...

> Not to mention blanket statements
> are usually pretty meaningless

Yes - very true.

> The only regret I have about the
> interview is that it is far too long.

It was nice to listen to while running on the treadmill yesterday. The length was perfect for that.

The recording format was a bit odd since it was stereo but only the right channel had sound. I converted it to a mono, single channel file which made it more pleasent to listen to.

Again - thanks for posting the interview.

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

Hmm... that's funny, because I posted it in mono. Well, I'm still learning.

Thanks for listening!

Mistress Wynter said...

She's hilarious and brilliant! *snork*

I had so much fun doing this with you. And truly... you are pretty fucking cute.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Dear Mistress Veronica:

You are now an artist on my IPod right between "Minutemen" and "Modest Mouse". How cool is that??

I can't wait to hear to hear your interview with Mistress Wynter! I am totally pumped!! ;-)



Her Majesty's Plaything said...

I LOVED THIS INTERVIEW!! I apologize in advance for the "review" style of my comments. Everything has started coming out this way lately after posting so many reviews on my blog.....

Mistress Wynter has a warm, powerfully charismatic voice and her laughter is infectious. The technical problems were amusing. The giggly (leather) pajama party atmosphere made it lots of fun to listen to. But the depth of historical information about the scene was fascinating and the keen insights into BDSM were profound!

Mistress Wynter identifies the core of her desire to dominate as an insatiable desire to have everything her way. She describes herself as a deviously manipulative little girl who was irresistibly charming and frequently got away with murder. She identifies her deep desire to be in charge and in control as being the key her to success. It is not surprising to hear that having a naturally dominant personality is a critical component to being a great Domme. I couldn't help but smile thinking about the fact that Mistress Wynter and Her Majesty have certain character traits in common! ;-) It was fascinating to hear Mistress Wynter share some of her secrets to success for a professional dominant. These include having a faithful core of regulars who are seduced into forming a "cult of personality". Also, as I have always known, you have to be a very strong person to survive as as dominatrix over the long haul. The weak and timid souls of this world need not apply.

Mistress Wynter describes the seedy underground world of SM in the early 90's, referencing names like Belle De Jour and long defunkt dungeons like "Leather Ladies" where she got her start. Things were apparently much more dangerous in those days. It was a very secretive scene and standards of hygiene and safety were practically unknown. Sessions were also a lot more sexual. Wynter describes an environment where hand jobs during a professional session were practically a requirement for the Mistress. Now they are far more the exception than the rule. To the other extreme the sadism of yore seemed a bit more authentic and over the top. Wynter tells the story of one Mistress who used to bury clients in the back yard for two or three days at a time with only a straw cracking the surface to breathe. She grudgingly forgives some of the grumpy old clients who yearn for the good old days, explaining that they came of age in a different time and thus have different expectations of what a professional session entails. With the advent of the internet the scene is much more open and transparent now. Safety standards and clear protocol about limits abound. The murky gray areas still exist but the boundaries are a lot clearer now.

I found this interview to be totally riveting. Mistress Wynter has a fascinating story to tell. Here she gives us just a teasing glimpse. Some savvy publisher is going trip all over himself offering her a book deal. She just has to write the book first! ;-)

Mistress Veronica NYC said...


Thank you sooo much! You are a real sweetheart.

Thanks for being so supportive of my projects :)

Wynter is definitely a great source of knowledge and history of the scene, and I am very lucky to know her.


Mistress Veronica NYC said...


Thank you for doing the interview, I look forward to many more such fabulous and fascinating conversations! (with less technical difficulties...)

Much Love!


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

You are very welcome Ma'am! :-)
My comments were sincere and from the heart! Your enthusiasm and your thirst for knowledge are infectious. You do a wonderful job of getting inside the minds of your subjects and asking all the right questions! I can't wait for part two! ;-)



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