Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fuck the CW and the "confidentiality" they rode in on...

A few days ago, I received an email from some wannabe television drone for some show they are working on for that shitty network, the CW.  This is the email correspondence between the drone and me.  I will be updating this post as the emails progress (or deteriorate).  Enjoy!!


Good Afternoon,

I saw your profile on and I thought that you might be interested in the below opportunity.

The CW’s new docu-series, “Secrets,” is developing a new docu-reality series about young productive and high achieving women. But hidden beneath all the success are issues that are being kept secret.
Do you have a secret addiction or obsession that’s forcing you to live a double life? We want to know your stories.

We are looking to cast women between the ages of 18 and 30 who have a very active sex life.  The story will be told from your perspective, your words, your life. 

If you’d like to participate in this documentary series please visit our casting website at   and please mention that H referred you so that we can prioritize your application
Thanks! And I hope to hear from you soon!

***All applications and inquiries are confidential.

~ H (I am leaving their name confidential for obvious reasons)


Hi H,

I appreciate the offer, but am not secretive or ashamed of what I do for a living.

Good luck finding subjects.




Hi Veronica,
Thank you for getting back to me - If you are willing to share your story we would love to hear about it - please check out our casting website at and take a look at the producing team that you would work with if you are cast for this production as have over 20 years of tv production experience.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at

Again, thank you for your response, and I look forward to possibly hearing from you again!



Again, as I told you, I do not keep my "alternative lifestyle" a secret from anyone, so would not be a good fit for your exploitative show.

In the future, it might behoove you to read people's emails before sending a (grammatically incorrect) response.  You might even get thoughtful, intelligent people to audition for you!  Although, that's not really what you're looking for, is it?



***  I mean, seriously.  Women between the ages of 18 and 30 with a "very active sex life"?  You mean motherfucking prostitutes?  Sex-addicted women?  Dominatrices?  Forgive me if I'm wrong (I'm not) but most prostitutes don't consider their work part of their "sex life".  Neither do most dominatrices.  It's kinda pathetic if you do, actually.  Automatically, also, I'm supposed be hiding what I do?  How is that?  Eh, I shouldn't be surprised that a casting gopher has no idea what they're looking for or how to approach people.  It is television, afterall.   ***


Teresa Bowers said...

I got that letter too, I thought it was just spam.

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

It is spam in the sense that it's probably a mass email for people who are on Eros. Regardless, if you want to attract people who are intrepid about their "secrets" into being on fucking television, you need to at least fake being sincere.

greg said...

well fame is the new is a currency you can use to achieve things you desire in life.

i think TV could use someone as smart as you!

bootlover said...

Dear Mistress Veronica,

It saddens me when i realize that the clarity of Your reply #2 probably flew right over their heads as much as #1. They did get one thing right. You ARE a young productive and high achieving Woman. They could have learned that from Your blog. But i suspect they didn't. To them, being on Eros is 'having a secret'. They'll 'screen' for the 'productive and high achieving'. You wear Your dildo, Your glasses, and Your career 'with attitude.' It's a good thing.


BTW How's Your secret PhD thesis coming? i'm a pretty good proof-reader. free! But i know You'll have no trouble finding volunteers. :(

Mistress Veronica NYC said...

Aw, Bootlover,

Thank you so much for offering that!! I am currently collecting interviews, as I have been since August, but I don't envision a time in the near future when I will have a paper for anyone to proofread. Hit me up in 2 or 3 years.


i would love to do something that was sensitive and seemed like it didn't want to shock people. I think television is at a point where it doesn't really care too much about honesty or sincerity, but rather creating a cult of personality, hence, generating revenue. But then, that's stating the obvious.

Gman said...

I admire you for not taking the bait.

Too bad it wasn't about out ,unashamed sex workers, who secretly live rather normal lives; go to school, raise kids, housewives, do volunteer work, etc

...shame for the mundane. ))