Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brassai and the underground of times past...

I think we can all be in agreement that I really enjoy memorabilia which shows a dark or perverted side of life during time periods in which it was very, very daring to be kinky, transsexual, homosexual, a nudist, or any other kind of "other".  I am fascinated by people who seemed to have transcended the very strict rules of the day, and even risked their entire lives, because they perhaps needed (?) to express a different side of themselves.  It makes me really thankful that I live in the time period that I do (despite our various hardships), but yet, at the same time, makes me curious about (and possibly a bit romantic toward) a time when social repression was ubiquitous.  I admire these characters, and wish there was more of a document of their existence.  Some of the photos may not look that shocking, but remember that these photos were taken in the 30's, when it was scandal to even see a woman's knees. 

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