Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Many Faces of the Professional Dominant

The above picture is a famous sculpture by Louise Bourgeiose, who died just a week ago, 98 years young.  She had a fascination with spiders, and her style was revolutionary because of it's confessional quality, which I highly admire.  She also continued to remain relevant in the art world until she died- an unusual accomplishment.  I very much love the imagery of a fly being caught in the spider's web as representational of how a Domme approaches her sub, which she captures quite beautifully and quite frighteningly.  (Do you not see a fly?  Imagine yourself standing under her)

look in womens book of myths and secrets imagery of spider and archetypes as representative of domme archetypes

I don't know how many of you know about, but it is a wonderful resource for those who like to think too much about their sexuality (ha, just kidding).   Eve Minax (who also uses the analogy of the spider and the fly in her work) has a column there, and I think her latest article is quite good.  Read it and tell me which category is your favorite...

Genus Dominatrices



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