Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Defense of Spanking Being Bad Assed:

In talking to other people in the scene, I am gleaning that it is generally assumed that spanking is a "soft" art, or in other words, that we're considered wussies!?

I am flabbergasted by this, and will have you know that I have made people scream from spanking, okay? I have made people cry, I have made them bleed, and I have made them jump up and rub their bottoms and beg me to stop...

Look- we don't need any fancy equipment. There is no middleman. It's just me, you, and the anguishing force of my fleshy palm! Because it's so basic, I believe it can be more intimate than any other mode of punishment. There are no braided leather nine-tailed spikes, but it does require a certain level of skill in terms of how your hand is wielded. Perhaps because it's so deceptively simple, Spankers often misjudge their technique. That's what gets me, because spanking is so much more complicated than a simple slap on the ass! An open-handed slap, as opposed to a cupped-hand can make all the difference in the world. Not to mention the area of the buttocks and upper thighs that you touch. Many people don't know that you must rub the area not only to warm it up and keep it going, but also to give the Spankee a false sense of security, as half the fun is "tapping that ass" when it is least expected.

It is also fun to tickle certain sensitive places with fingers, but I digress...

With spanking, you feel discomfort from administering discomfort- so, in a sense, you are going through the same thing the sub is going through, but you are doing it to give them more pain. What could be more sadistic than that? To experience pain yourself so that you can keep delivering more pain? That is sick! We are so twisted!

Not only do you develop a complementary relationship with the discomfort, but you feel the energetic reverberations of the other person's pain, because it's all right there in your hand. It's like a pebble dropped in the water- you feel the other person's reaction, and can have empathy and sense their boundaries much better, IMO. There is also the warmth of the ass, and sometimes a barely perceptible vibration.

Although I very much enjoy flogging, caning, and the like- there is something about using implements that can make one feel quite detached from what the subject is experiencing. But then, perhaps, that is what some masochists desire.

I have also made my fingers black and blue, but this is beside the point.

In closing, I would just like to say: Spanking is hard core, bitches!! Stick that in your latex cat suit and smoke it!

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