Monday, September 8, 2008

He's a Sadistic Shit Freak!...

... Who gives boys enemas!!" A direct quote from one of my more colorful clients, in reference to one of his colleagues. As soon as he said it, I was like, you know I have to write that down, right? He wanted to make sure I kept the enema part in there, although I would have been satisfied just with the title quote. Ah, there are some people who say wild things because they think it's funny, and some people who just can't help it.

Speaking of shit, I went to see the new Serrano exhibition on Thursday- huge 8 foot pictures of shit. Literally. Huge, very sensitively and carefully taken photos of shit. Dog shit, human shit, bull shit, slimey shit, dried up shit, shit with little leaves in it, you name it. There were 66 photos to see, apparently, but I could not get myself past the first room. They must have been pumping in the faint smell of shit too, to add to the 'ambience'. The photos were disgusting, but watching all the SERIOUS critics walk around, examining the things so closely was the real art. No one laughed at all. No surprise, I guess. I read an interview with Serrano where he said he thinks they are tremendously beautiful and groundbreaking... uh, yeah, in a super-hack kind of way. This dude made a million bucks for putting a crucifix in a bottle of piss, and now we are supposed to think he had some huge explosion of inspiration by taking close-ups of shit? He is no better than DJ's who've made a name for themselves by talking shit. He is like the Howard Stern of art, sans the obnoxious need to continually humiliate and gawk at women.

Now that we're on the topic of coprophilia, I just want to say that a) I don't get it, and b) I think that it is a whole lot more popular than people think. Judging from what is responded to on Max Fisch the most, I would say that shit is pretty up there as something that people are fascinated by and want to try (as a way to deepen one's submission?) or are completely repulsed by. I confess I am fascinated by why someone would want to do it, but ultimately, the visceral reality would be too much. Unless someone would want a Roman shower at the same time... ew, double ew.

Anyway, don't let my "ew's" discourage you from responding, as I would really like someone to honestly tell me why they love their mistress's shit so much. Your explanations are better than anything that wikipedia could ever offer.

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