Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buncha bums!!!

Okay, not ONLY did the Mets lose their chance at the postseason, but they ALSO lost the very last game there was to ever be played at Shea Stadium. Now, I know that sports don't matter, and I know that they are a distraction from real issues, and I also know that whether the Mets win or lose has no bearing on my personal reality. It's all bullshit, and I know that.

BUT WHY DID JERRY MANUEL TAKE JOSE FELICIANO OUT AFTER HE STRUCK SOMEBODY OUT????!!!! Why can't we manage our bullpen effectively EVER??! Of course it's not just the fault of the bullpen, because no one seemed to be able to hit the ball tonight either, maybe because they already felt defeated and were wondering, "what's the point?" or maybe they played their hardest, but could not get a leg up. It seems to me, that if you are playing the last game in your stadium before it's going to get torn down, that you should put all your effort and focus on winning that game. Everyone was counting on them to at least go out with a bang, but perhaps the pressure was too much. It does not, however, surprise me, as the Mets have a long history of defeat- when I was a kid we had season tickets, and they never managed to win a single game I went to.

Ahhh... speaking of defeat, I have decided to make my blog public again after much deliberation around the possibility of arrest, considering the recent legal climate. I have been advised that certain things I say may be used against me in the event that I am "busted". I am not sure what I would be "busted" for, as I do not provide illegal services. However, just so everyone knows, under NY law, the definition of "sexual conduct" is ambiguous, and can be used to describe many BDSM activities, including, but not exclusive to, CBT and dildo play. If the phrase is interpreted very loosely, it could also be determined to include things as seemingly innocuous as foot worship and spanking. That is why everyone is scared. Not so much because people make a living from performing illegal acts, quite the contrary, most people I know, including myself, do not consider BDSM to be questionable in that way, however, it's this ambiguity of the law that has everyone shitting a brick...


So, we're all trapped. Too scared to do anything, but too poor to sit on our asses and wait until the whole thing blows over. IF it blows over, because no one knows what the purpose of the busts are- other than to continually marginalize and stigmatize a community that has little respect for itself, let alone the audacity to seek it from other people.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Just as long as you're aware that Big Brother Is Watching You, but he hasn't taken your First Amendment rights away. Yet.

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