Friday, October 3, 2008

Damn, I am so sick of thinking about this shit.

But I'm going to torture myself (and you) with it anyway.

Discussions on MF really make we want to smack people.

"Is this illegal?" "What has being blatant about our sexuality done to the scene??" "Isn't it great that domination is being driven deeper underground?" "Now the wheat is definitely going to separate itself from the chaff!"

You know what? Shut up. I'm tired of hearing about it. No matter how you slice it, you can place the blame on anyone you want, the fact is, it ain't gonna change what's happening.

For everyone who's so effing happy about things finally "going underground" again- fuck you. The deeper we go underground, the more people are going to stigmatize us, and the less honestly we are going to be represented. I've said this ten thousand times, but the more we let people conjecture about what they "think" we are, the less ground we are going to gain.

The persecution and cop raids are not going to stop, the deeper you go underground. In fact, the more underground you are, the more vulnerable you make yourself. Until very recently, the cops used to have the "fact" that the medical community considered our behavior "unhealthy" on their side. However, now, psychiatry is starting to realize that, oh, maybe they were wrong! In fact, the new DSM V, which is coming out next year, is taking paraphilic activity that is victimless out completely. I'm not saying that this will exonerate us for the world, but it is a start. And it sure as hell did not come around as a result of entrenching ourselves more "underground".


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