Friday, March 6, 2009

Party Time, Excellent!

Doolee doolee doolee doolee do! Nevermind, if you've never seen Wayne's World.

What I meant by that excitable title is that Ms. Alex and I had a party at our play space for our Mistress friends last Tuesday, that was excellent fun- and YOU missed it! Ha ha! However, here is a general account of what happened on that dark and stormy night...

Alex wore a tux, and I was in my 9-inch tall platform boots with a leather skirt and vamp 60's biker chick eyeliner carefully applied. We were "Mommy and Daddy" as it were, with a twist.

I had instructed two of our favorite slaves a few days in advance that they would be serving at this event, and gave them a detailed email including what was expected of them in terms of dress, demeanor, wine and table service, and preparation. Both slaves were very enthusiastic, and one even went to the extent of fully transforming himself (ahem, in terms of clothing) with maid's outfit, wig, and high heels. We were very proud of him. They were told to print out the email that I gave them, and to research the eight or so different wines we would have for the ladies to choose from. Hence, they were to know which wine a lady might properly imbibe with her meal.

Alex and I decided that the "girls" names for the evening would be "Spunk" (a name I chose for Thomas a long time ago) and that our little maid would be called "Lolita". We then showed them how to curtsy, and had them complete their preparation work, re: setting the table, opening the red wine, transforming the dungeon into a dining room, and making sure the cook (one of Alex's slaves who was trained at the Cordon Bleu) was accommodated in any way he required. I tied Spunk's apron in a nice bow, and made sure Lolita's wig was on nice and straight.

As the ladies arrived, Spunk took their coats, and Lolita asked them if they would like any Villa Crespia (a sparkling Italian wine similar to champagne). The ladies then retired with us to the living room for hors d'oeuvres and conversation.

From this point on, all pretense of propriety and vanilla-esque behavior promptly stopped.

Get eight Dommes with a torrential flow of wine in a room with two very submissive, compliant slaves, and all hell will eventually break loose.

Lolita was directed to look up dirty limericks, while frantically researching them on his iPhone and listen to our demands at the same time for, "More pate!" "More wine!" "No, a different one!" "Hold the ashtray in front of me!!" It was funny to watch "her" scurry around, not knowing which order to fulfill first, teetering the whole time in her heels. Mistress Alex spanked "her" for some or other arbitrary infraction, as did I.

This prompted the Ladies of course throw Spunk on his back in a matter of seconds- a Mistress had already raided the implement closet in order to slap his inner thigh with my riding crop. He was writhing on the floor, moaning, as she gave him 20 swift, well-aimed blows. I then decided that it was time to show off his little ass, and unzipped his little boy shorts so that I could take him over my knee. As I did this, Alex exclaimed, "His ass! It's like you're peeling a peach! Like a soft fuzzy peach!" I rubbed his ass, feeling him make himself comfortable over my lap and gave him ten cupped-hand blows right on his little sweet spot. He sighed and squirmed, and I offered him to Mistress Devon, imploring her to use the wooden spoon. He always bruises prettiest with that. She obliged me, and taking the spoon, promptly gave him ten solid whacks with it, leaving him breathless and limp. I really wanted to show him off at this point, so took a single-tail out of the closet and made him stand in the corner. He cowered, and gave me his one-eyed, open-mouthed look that implies he's up for a challenge. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! I cracked the whip behind him, so that he could hear the noise that it would make on his hind-quarters. I then hit him repeatedly on his back one after the other, swiping him with the tip (glad to see that the wine had not yet gotten in the way of my aim) rubbing his poor back and ass between intervals. I then handed the single tail to Mistress Alex, and she continued my barrage of pain in a swift, unrelenting manner that made him lose his position. I ordered him to point his ass out, hands on the wall, and not to clench. He did so. I then went to the closet to fetch the flogger I made out of speakerwire to really give the ladies a show. He had described the pain to me previously as being hit with eight canes at once, which I repeated for the Ladies, much to their delight. He took each of my heavy-handed blows dutifully, as he always does. Oh, poor Spunk. We really are so nasty to him. All of course, done out of love. There was a request by one of the Ladies for a speakerwire flogger of her own, which I enthusiastically plan to provide for Her.

"Lolita" stepped forward to announce that she had found a limerick. She was then ordered again to get on her knees for a ripe spanking, as she had spoken with out being asked. Her ass got apple red, and I used her as a foot stool, of which Mistress Alex promptly took a picture. Ha ha!

Hijinks ensued, loud conversation, arguments over which wine who had gotten, more spankings,

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